Carpet Cat Scratching Post – Make Your Pet Cat More Joyful and Active

How can you keep your pet cat happy and active? Many cats have a natural instinct to scratch, and if your cat doesn’t seem satisfied by the standard scratching posts available at pet stores, it might be time to upgrade. The best thing you can do to make your feline friend more joyful and active is to provide them a place to play, from toys to scratching posts, from cat trees to cat condos.

Carpet Cat Scratching Post

Carpet scratching post is especially helpful and it will give your pet cat an activity which they love. It can also reduce their stress and boredom while also saving your furniture from unsightly marks and tears. As we all know, cats need to scratch as a natural part of their daily life, it helps them release their energy, which will prevent destructive behavior, like chewing on things they should not be chewing on or urinating where they aren’t supposed to urinate.

Let’s see what we have selected for you!

Quick view: the main features of carpet cat scratching post


  • Standard Full Stretch Post – designed for all size cats from kitten to adults, except huge ones.
  • Natural and Eco-Friendly – made with thick cardboard tube and wrapped with natural fibrous sisal. The base tower comes with heavy chipboard covered with soft plush. Safe and stable, avoid tipping and wobbling, provides reliability and stability.
  • Plush Ball gives extra attraction to cat, lead to full stretch for big cats, perfect for claw scratch.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble, super convenient to use.
  • Designed with cats in mind. It is equipped with hanging toy stimulate their prey-like behavior like pouncing and swatting and enhance their playing time with it and provide extra fun for them.

Dimaka 29" Tall Cat Scratching Post, Claw Scratcher with Sisal Rope, Teasing Toy Ball and Covered with Soft Plush (Grey)

as of 05/31/2023 7:46 AM

Petlinks 49905 Sky Multi-Surface Extra-Tall Cat Scratch Post with Feather Ribbon Cat Toy

as of 05/31/2023 7:46 AM

PAWZ Road Cat Scratching Post Cactus Cat Scratcher with 3 Scratching Poles and Dangling Ball Large 27 Inches

as of 05/31/2023 7:46 AM

Dimaka 29" Tall Cat Scratching Post for Big Cats, Natural Sisal Rope Post and Stable Heavy Carpet Base, Adult Cat Scratcher and Tree (Beige/Yellow)

as of 05/31/2023 7:46 AM

PEEKAB Cat Scratching Post Premium Sisal Toll Scratch Posts with Tracking Interactive Toys Vertical Scratcher for Indoor Cats and Kittens- 25 inches Beige

as of 05/31/2023 7:46 AM

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