Dewormer: A Powerful Guardian of Your Puppies

If there’s a test for being pet parents as well, then the puppies deworming must be a very important test key point. Deworming your dog is necessary for the health of both you and your dog. In fact, many people really have no idea of pet keeping. Most pet parents only know that they should deworming, but not what kind of risk it will bring to their furry children if they do not deworm. So, read through this article and I assure you will get some knowledge.


The first thing you should know is that there are two kinds of deworm, vitro and vivo deworming, which means there are usually two kinds of dewormers for external and internal use.

1. Vitro Deworming

It should be used once a month. Monthly application of these kind of dewormers helps protect your dog against many kinds of parasites.

A handy spot-on, external dewormers is suggested to be applied monthly to both help rid your dog of existing parasites and provide ongoing protection. The powerful ingredients in external dewormers provide fast relief from fleas, prevent deadly heartworm and help protect your dog and your family from most intestinal worms including roundworms, hookworms and whipworm.

The active ingredient effective against fleas, imidacloprid, spreads across your puppies’ skin and coat within 12 hours. After this time, re-infesting fleas are affected within 3-5 minutes of contact with your puppies and killed within 1 hour. As your puppies naturally shed their skin and fur, tiny imidacloprid crystals are also shed into the environment, killing flea larvae, and breaking the flea lifecycle.

2. Vivo Deworming

For puppies, vivo deworming should be taken once for one or two months. It is worth noting that puppies should be dewormed under the state of normal eating to avoid adverse reactions to anthelmintic drugs caused by physical pain or some symptoms else. In general, that kind of drugs should be taken in the morning on an empty stomach, so that the drug fully contacts the insect body, to enhance the anthelmintic drug. When the abdominal pain of insect accumulation is severe, the main analgesic should be an insect, and that kind of pain should be relieved. Some anthelmintic drugs are toxic so that they should be used with caution. And some drugs such as thunder pills are insoluble in water, and not high temperature resistance, should only be made into pills, powder to take.

Some drugs include selamectin, which causes rapid, fatal and non-spasmodic neuromuscular paralysis by interfering with a specific channel, causing the body to relax and paralyze, leading to death. Some dewormer else use ivermectin producing a depolarizing neuromuscular blocking effect on the sensitive insect body in the body, paralyzing the insect body, expelling the insect body through the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract, and has a killing activity on the arthropod in vitro.

Appearances Tell You It Is Time to Deworm

1. Rub Butt

Sometimes when the puppies’ stomach has parasites, they will also rub their butts. At the time pet parents should keep an eye on that.

2. Constant Itching

If your puppy and itches a lot, it might be a sign that the puppy is infested with fleas. Pet parents can flip through its hair to see if there are many small black grains. If so, it’s time to deworm your puppy.

3. Not Gaining or Losing Weight

If your dog usually eats a lot while having not been gaining weight or even losing weight, its belly may have parasites, because the puppy’s nutrition is absorbed by that.

4. Insect Bodies in Diarrhea

If you can see worms in your puppy’s diarrhea, it’s a sign that your puppy’s stomach is infested with parasites.

How to Choose a Dewormer for Your Puppies

The safety must and always come first! After all, drugs used on puppies, if not safe, are likely to do harm to them.

It is important to balance efficiency with effectiveness. Since the parasite multiplies so quickly, it is difficult to get rid of the parasite if effectiveness of the dog anthelmintic is insufficient. And if you can only kill one or two bugs, it’s not efficient.

Both external and internal have double-edge. The former is more convenient and gentler, while the latter is less affected by outside factors and the absorption efficiency of gastrointestinal tract is higher.

All in all, you should choose a right one after identifying needs of your puppies.

How to Deworm Your Puppy

Here’s a video to teach you how to deworm you puppy at home.

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Deworming your puppy is important because puppies are very susceptible to parasites, which might be really harmful to your puppies. As long as a dog, especially a puppy, is infected with those. It will cause different degrees of skin, stomach and other health problems, and may threaten puppies’ life. So please, pet parents, pay attention to it!

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