Furry Friends: What Kind of Toys Do They Like?

Most dogs love to play with toys and pet parents are always looking for fun and durable toys to give their furry friend. But did you know that not all dog toys are created equal? Different breeds of dogs have different preferences when it comes to dog toys, so there’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to which type of toy your dog will like best. So, I’m sure if you read through the article, you will get some help.

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Here are some common types of dog toys:

1. Plush Toys

Some dogs like plush toys, especially when they just arrived at a new home. They are afraid so that they will look for a rely on something, and the owner is to give it a plush toy, or doll, can make it feel at ease. As Harry F. Harlow’s experiment shows, many mammals prefer a warmer and softer companion or playmate. That’s one of the reasons some dogs even sleep with plush dolls, just like a child.

2. Plastic Bottle

For dogs, even a plastic bottle is fun to play with. Plastic bottles are crunchy, which dogs are excited about, with the right size for a dog to bite into. In addition, making full use of plastic bottle represents advanced environmental protection concepts.

3. Toy Ball

Your furry friends love round, rolling things very much, so all kinds of balls are their favorites. Pet parents can buy some special dog toy ball, which is durable and divert them from boredom. It is worth noticing that parents should pay attention to the hygiene of toys, and clean toy balls regularly.

4. Toy Frisbee

When it comes to frisbee, for many people, the first two things show up in minds must be skeet and dog. It is quite common for pet parents throwing toy frisbees and waiting for their furry friends to take frisbees back with their mouths on grassplot. Frisbee catching is a favorite game for dogs with a lot of energy and exercise. For dogs like Border Collies and Labradors, buying a frisbee is the perfect toy for both training and physical exertion.

5. Chew Toy

Between the ages of three and six months, a dog’s teeth change. When they are not comfortable with their teeth, they are always looking for something to chew on. If the pet parents didn’t prepare a chew toy for dog, your furry friend would like to practice with furniture. So, if you are not ready for upgrading furniture, you’d better get one.

Here’s a video discussing pros and cons of chew toys which might be helpful for you.

I rank the best chew "toys" for your dog.

I follow a strict criteria to give you the best chewys for your dog.

How to Choose the Right Toy for Your Furry Friends?

1. The Age of Dogs

Just as human babies, dogs have various habits and preferences in different ages. Many teeth grow up between 20 and 40 days after birth. At this time, dogs are curious about everything. Whatever they see, they will put that in their mouth and taste. Dogs begin to grow permanent teeth when they are 3-10 months old. At this stage, dogs have a special need to chew, so it is necessary to give them chewing toys to grind their teeth. One year after dogs’ birth, you will find the dogs’ teeth are clean, neat and very strong. At this phase, dogs are much more sensible. When choosing a large dog toy, special attention should be paid to the bite resistance of the toy.

2. The Biting Habit of Your Furry Friends

Toys are made of different materials and have different durability. So, before you buy a toy for your pet, you need to know your dog’s biting habits, and choose the appropriate durable toy for it. Otherwise, it takes times and money for you to deal with these staff.

For your further understand and consideration, we’d like to list a few commodities here as a reference.

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A pet parent who loves his/her dog wants his/her dog to be happy. Since many of them need to work and spare little time to play with their dogs, dog toys are required to keep dogs from feeling lonely when they’re not home and make dogs more enjoyable when playing with pet parents. So, you’d better do some research and get suitable dog toys for your furry friends.

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