Goat Milk: One of the Most Suitable Dairy Products for Pets

Pets are playing an increasingly important role in modern people’s lives, and many pet parents worry a lot about making their pets healthier. If you have, or would like to have a pet, usually cats or dogs, you have to do a lot of research on the necessities for feeding your pets, for example, goat milk powder. And if you do fit the description above, it will be a wise choice to read through this article. I hold the belief that you’ll learn something.

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Why Choose Goat Milk Over Cow Milk

In fact, cow milk is specially designed for human beings, which is more suitable for human constitution, while the protein in goat milk powder is more suitable for pet, which is naturally easier to be absorbed. Goat milk powder and breast milk of pets are weak alkaline, protecting their intestines and stomach. If the pet baby is not breastfed, sheep milk powder is a good substitute.

Compared with cow milk, goat milk powder has 1.3 times the calcium content. And rich in calcium will promote the development bones, making pets look stronger with better body resistance nature. What’s more, one of the basic components of cells is nucleic acid, some investigation and research shows that the amount of nucleic acid contained in goat milk powder far exceeds human milk and cow milk.

Goat milk contains bioactive factors ATP, whey protein, immunoglobulin, lactoferricin, and amino acids needed by pets. ATP can help digest lactose. Goat milk powder itself is low lactose milk while pets rarely have diarrhea, and it is also one of the best choices for lactose intolerant people. If a cat who drinks pure goat milk powder still experiences diarrhea or allergies, the powder may not be pure or of very poor quality and should be fed with caution.

Goat milk powder contains more than ten kinds of vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin D, and the content is much higher than cow milk. Goat milk powder also contains a variety of skin, visceral organ development important enzymes and growth factors. The calcium-phosphorus ratio of 1.1:1 in goat milk is very close to 1.2:1 in many pets’ breasts milk such as cats.

Other Benefits of Goat Milk

Goat milk powder is rich in protein, and contains vitamin B, calcium, phosphorus and other nutrients as mentioned above, which is also very helpful for the brain development of pets. Especially in mammals like cats and dogs, B vitamins play an important role in keeping brain tissue functioning properly.

Vitamin A contained in goat milk powder can promote the immunity of pets and promote the growth and development of pets. When pets are growing, metabolism is very important, and vitamin A promotes metabolism. Moreover, if pets lack vitamin A for a long time, they will have low immunity and easily get sick.

Some pets eat relatively simple food, which will inevitably have anorexia performance. At the time goat milk powder can be fed to them, which will be helpful to improve their anorexia behavior.

Let’s see what did Thomas DeLauer, who has been in the healthcare space for his entire career, say about goat milk.

Goat Milk vs. Cow Milk: Health Hacks- Thomas DeLauer

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No matter what you choose for your pets, the first and most important spot you should consider is safety. And when it comes to goat milk powder, or something else for ingestion, you should firstly give your pets a little for test, and only if they’re fine with that could you keep feeding them with the product. Keep it in your mind that safety comes first.

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