Decorate Your Doors for Thanksgiving

For many families, Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season – and what a better way to kick it off than with decorated doors? Whether your home has been decked out in Halloween decorations or you’re simply ready to welcome spring with fresh flowers and other colorful decorations, it’s essential to decorate your doors to welcome the festival. But why people decorate doors for Thanksgiving?

decorate doors for Thanksgiving

The story of Thanksgiving

Since Thanksgiving is still several weeks away, there are many decorations in stores and lining the streets of your neighborhood. But when did people start using these traditional fall decorations? And what does their history have to do with Thanksgiving? Read on to learn about the history of thanksgiving decorations and their uses through the centuries and across various cultures.

The story of Thanksgiving begins with the first harvest in 1621, when the settlers gathered around their new governor and thanked God for what he’d bestowed upon them. While the traditional story has been well-documented, the history of Thanksgiving door decorations have had many different variations throughout the years, and they say a lot about how our culture has changed over time.

It has always been an integral part of the tradition. As society has changed over the years, so have the kinds of door decorations. Most early American decorations were made with natural materials like corn husks and gourds, and displayed on doors to signify a family’s hearty celebration. Moms would cut out paper or fabric shapes, like leaves or pumpkin heads, then attach them around their door with nails or string. Painted birdhouses were also popular in America because their presence symbolized how generous children should be at gathering together for dinner and a chat.

And in modern times, Turkey and pilgrims may be more popular symbols of Thanksgiving than cornucopias these days, but they weren’t always used in this way. In fact, neither of them were ever used in this way until the 1890s, which means that the traditional Thanksgiving symbols are actually somewhat modern innovations!

decorate doors for Thanksgiving

Ways of door decorations for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving decorations are no longer just limited to the inside of your house! With these creative door decoration ideas, you can create a festive atmosphere on your front porch or any other entryway leading into your home in time for Thanksgiving.

However, if you’re not quite sure how to make these seasonal displays, we’ve got you covered with ideas and instructions on how to do it! Whether you want to decorate it with pumpkin carving designs or with leaves made out of construction paper, you can use these simple Thanksgiving decorating ideas to get your house ready for the big day. Just follow these simple steps to have beautiful fall decorations on your front door.

1) Wreaths

Wreaths are a traditional way to decorate your doors for thanksgiving. Whether you’re opting to go with a simple wreath or something more elaborate, there are plenty of tutorials online that will show you how it’s done. Certainly, it is an excellent way to add some holiday spirit! You can either buy one from a store, or make one yourself using materials such as pinecones, ribbon, or fake flowers. Make sure it’s securely attached so it won’t fall off when you open the door!

2) Door Hangers

Do you want to add a touch of holiday cheer to your home but are short on time? Door hangers is a great way to decorate your doors in less than 5 minutes! Here are five easy ways you can do this.

Take a large piece of paper and fold it in half vertically so the fold is at the center point. Fold it again horizontally in half so that the fold is at the center point. You should end up with two halves of paper that look like wings.

Cut out feathers from construction paper or other colored paper and glue them onto one side of each wing.

3) Garland

Garland can be a great way to decorate your doors! You can buy pre-made garland or make your own with some yarn and fabric. The great thing about garland is that you can change the colors as the seasons change or make it match a specific holiday like Christmas or Halloween. You can make a simple fall garland with some leaves and berries from the forest. To start, take one of your sheets and lay it down on the ground, then scatter dried leaves all over it until it looks full. Next, add in some pinecones, acorns and other natural items that will look nice on the doorway.

4) Signs

This festival, take a little time to think about what you want your door decorations to say. Here are some easy ways to decorate your doors with signs that will get everyone’s attention. If it’s still before thanksgiving, consider using signs with turkeys or Christmas trees as a seasonal decoration. Alternatively, a sign that says Merry Christmas! or Happy Thanksgiving! can be festive and also a good way to let your guests know what holiday is being celebrated. That means you can,

-Hang a banner over the door in a festive color! Pair it with a sign that says Happy Thanksgiving!

-Add some sparkle by hanging up some string lights and a sign that says Welcome!

5) Painting

Painting your door is a great way to make it look festive and thanksgiving-ready.

Paint the entire door with a bright color that matches the theme of your decor, like yellow or red.

Paint an elaborate border around the edges of your door in a complimentary color. This will add another layer of detail and interest that will really make it stand out!

If you want something more subtle, paint just one panel of your front door in a different color from the rest.

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