Indian Antique Gold Jewellery Designs: Don’t Miss These

Jewelry made of antique gold is really popular right now! If you’ve been following us, you know that we’ve highlighted some incredible South Indian-style vintage antiques from various dealers across the nation. This is mostly because it is a big trend this year and for some reason, women just can’t get enough of it. As a result, all of the top jewelers have created distinct antique collections, and we have to admit that these new styles have actually made us woozy all over again.

Indian Antique Gold Jewellery
Jewels India Antique Shoppee

In fact, Jewels India Antique Shoppee is the top wholesaler of South Indian vintage gold jewelry. They have some incredible selections on their facebook page that would wow any woman who loves jewelry. Go ahead and look at their designs while you scroll. You can find the seller’s contact information at the end of the post if you want to ask a question.

A stunning old-fashioned jhumka with a bottom that is delicately crafted and matte finished. The jhumkas have a striking base that is adorned with white stones, rubies, and antique balls. With all of your sarees, these jhumkas are the ideal classic style.

In addition, a striking pair of chandbali-style earrings accented with elegant pearls and set off with white stones, kemp rubies, and emeralds. You should wear this striking earring with all of your salwars and lehengas.

After the brife introduction, I’d like to present some traditional and different types of antique jewellery designs.

Antique Gold Necklaces for Bridal

Since ancient times, gold has been a very popular metal since it is an evergreen material. In the past, gold necklaces and other jewelry were worn by kings and queens. Gold represents elegance, grace, and royal heritage. As a result, antique necklaces were made of pure gold, and their craftsmanship was exceptional. These vintage gold necklaces will make you look like an ethereal beauty and can be worn to weddings or any other important occasion.

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Antique Polki Stones Jewelry for Girls

Uncut diamonds, also known as polki, are mined for use in jewelry-making without further cutting. Polki stones are on the pricey side in terms of value and have that unpolished appearance. Our ancient Kings, Emperors, and their queens and children have all worn polki jewelry. As a result, polki is a type of ancestral jewelry that has an unparalleled value due to its quality.

Antique Temple Jewellery in Gold

The most recent and innovative addition to antique jewelry designs is temple design antique gold jewelry, and these heavenly-looking jewelry items are breathtakingly lovely. Bangles, necklaces, bracelets, chains, and other items of gold jewelry with temple designs are being worn by people. They have statues of deities including Lord Krishna, Lakshmi, Devi, and others. They are exquisitely designed with accuracy to bring out the Goddess look in every woman.

South Indian Antique Jewellery in Gold

South Indian jewelry designs are distinctive and highly dissimilar from other designs and antique jewelry designs. One is mesmerized by the jewelry piece’s cuts, designs, make, and patterns because they are so unique and stunning. The individual wearing these jewelry items looks stunning, and the quality of the diamonds, brightness, lustre, and style of the jewelry are simply breathtaking.

These south Indian diamond jewelry pieces can be heirloom pieces with ruby and diamond embellishments for antique value. The jewelry is passed down to the following generation during or after marriage and is frequently worn during weddings and other ceremonial occasions.

Indian Antique Gold Jewellery
Traditional Antique Jhumkas in Gold

For women, jhumkas are among the most beautiful and stunning pieces of ancient jewelry. These jewelry items can be worn alone and without any other accessories. Jhumkas made of gold and embellished with work, stones, designs, etc. are ideal for creating a traditional yet vintage style. Jhumkas are an absolute necessity for any jewelry collection, and they will always be in style. You will look divine if you wear it with any ethnic clothing. Similar to this, antique jhumkas made of valuable stones like emeralds, rubies, and diamonds are also quite popular.

Antique Gold Coin Necklace for Women

Necklaces made of coins, also called “kaasumaala”: Coins and necklaces, referred to as Kaasu and Maala respectively, have long been a feature of vintage jewelry. According to Hindu traditions, goddesses once wore these jewelry. Small round coins with the goddess of prosperity, Laxmi, depicted on the front are used to make these antique coin necklaces. The coins are expertly strung together to create a necklace or a long chain. These vintage coin chains look great with traditional dance performances, ethnic clothing, holiday attire, etc.

Antique Gold Jewellery with Pearls

Any lady can appear gorgeous wearing pearls, regardless of her age, skin tone, etc. In ancient jewelry, pearls with diamond accents on a gold basis are symbols of grandeur, class, and beauty. These gorgeous and intricately crafted pearl and diamond jewelry sets have been a part of royal heirloom and lineage since ancient times, and they are a part of the jewelry collections of queens and princesses. The wearing of antique jewelry with these priceless items is evidence enough of one’s royal heritage.

Antique Gold Chokers for Teens

Chokers are divine necklaces made of precious and semi-precious stones and set with finely cut diamonds for a goddess-like appearance. Chokers made of diamonds and other gemstones, such as rubies, emeralds, sapphires, etc., are classic styles that many brides and even many celebrities wear. In one substantial piece of jewelry, the brilliance of white diamonds and the elegant appearance of precious stones are matched.

Gold Antique Kadas

Kadas are large, thick bracelets that can be worn alone or in pairs. When a new wife is brought into the home, kadas are also passed down through the generations. They are the bangles that have been passed down through the family for many years. Therefore, antique kadas are priceless jewelry items with a special emotional significance.

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