The Best Women’s Nike Sportswear Fleece Funnel Neck Hoodie

How could you not love this women’s Nike Sportswear fleece funnel neck hoodie? It’s so soft and warm! The best part about this fleece hoodie is that it’s available in several vibrant colors, so you’re sure to find the one that best suits your style. The Nike Sportswear fleece funnel neck hoodie also looks great when paired with dark denim jeans and comfortable sneakers. For an added touch of flair, you can always add some statement jewelry or a gorgeous scarf around your neck! Women who are looking for a new winter jacket have many options, but if they’re willing to spend a little more money, the Nike women’s sportswear fleece funnel neck hoodie is an excellent choice. It is made from 100% polyester and has a cozy lining of fleece. The jacket is designed with elastic cuffs and an adjustable drawstring at the waist for comfort and warmth.

Women's Nike Sportswear Fleece Funnel Neck Hoodie
Product Details

This Women’s Nike Sportswear Fleece Funnel Neck Hoodie is made with a soft and cozy design that will keep you warm during the cold days. With a full-zip front, this hoodie can be worn alone or layered over your favorite shirt. The drawstrings at the bottom of the neck allow for an adjustable fit, while the kangaroo pockets offer convenient storage. And don’t forget to check out our size guide before ordering! Our sizes are in US sizes. A measurement chart is also available in the product images if you need a better idea of how this item would fit on you. If you have any questions about sizing please contact us at anytime! We ship worldwide so please make sure your shipping address is correct when placing your order. In order to avoid any delays please make sure all measurements are provided correctly when placing your order.

Customer Reviews

Many users gave their own ratings of the dress, and here are some examples.

I love this pullover, it is warm and comfortable. I bought it in black and am considering getting it in red too.

This is the perfect hoodie for me. It is lightweight and not bulky at all.

I like this jacket so much, I got one in every color! Not only does it keep me really warm, but I’m still able to move around really well because of how light weight it is.

It also keeps my clothes dry when snow melts on them when outside. And the colors are great-just as shown in the pictures.

This was a great purchase and would definitely buy again if needed! I usually wear size small or medium and opted for a medium which fits very nicely with just enough room to be flattering without looking oversized. It has kept me very warm during these cold days we’ve been having in Maine – highly recommend this hoodie!

Pros and Cons

The best thing about this hoodie is that it is really warm. It also has a zipper so you can put it on and take it off, but the downside is that the zipper feels like it will snag on everything when you zip or unzip it. The size is a little big, so if you want to wear a shirt underneath make sure you get the right size! Otherwise, this product is perfect.

Before Buying

Material Excellence

Think about how the product is made before anything else. Products with better quality materials tend to be more reliable and last longer than those made with lower quality materials. Before you buy something, find out what materials they have used to make it to see if that affects the price.


Durability is the time a product can last before replacing or fixing it. A product with better quality should last longer than one with less quality. A good product will pay for itself in the long run because you won’t have to buy a new one for a long time.


Before investing in a hoodie, you must consider the price. Each product has a different price range. It is possible to find cheap hooies Therefore, before buying, you should check the price and compare it with other products.


Brand plays a big part in choosing hoodie. Get a product from a reputable company if you want a good experience. I usually don’t recommend buying off-brand knock-offs. The best brand will provide you with a high standard of service. If something goes wrong with your unit, you will receive great aftermarket support if you stick with a reputable company.


Always consider your budget when making a purchase.We can find a hoodie at various price ranges depending on its capabilities. Getting the most expensive model available might not be the best idea. Having a fixed, reasonable spending limit will ensure you get the most out of your budget. Then, you can choose something within your budget range and avoid distractions. It is common to have buyer’s remorse if you purchase a unit that exceeds your budget, regardless of its quality.


The amount of use a product can withstand before failing or breaking down totally is referred to as its reliability. If a product is well-made, it should last as long as it says it will without needing repairs or replacements. The upfront cost of a reliable product may be more than that of a less reliable one.


If you’re looking for a high-quality, comfortable piece of clothing to keep you warm this winter, then the best women’s Nike sportswear fleece funnel neck hoodie is the way to go. It provides excellent protection against harsh weather while also being stylish and functional. Whether it be a light jog or a brisk walk in the snow, this hoodie will keep you feeling great as well as looking fashionable. There are plenty of colors and styles available so finding one that matches your personality should be easy! You may like the following items to help you choose what you want more effectively. Hope this article is helpful to you and you will also love what we have recommended. If these tips have been helpful to you please share this post with others by clicking the button below!

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