Best Halloween Masks for a Frighteningly Good Time!

If you’re looking to have some fun this Halloween, why not scare the socks off of your friends, family, and anyone else who sees you? If you’re planning to go out on Halloween night, don’t forget to wear an awesome Halloween mask that will turn you into your favorite character or monster! Here are our top 10 picks of the most frightening masks out there!

Get Something that Covers Most of Your Face

One of the most important factors when choosing a mask is how much of your face it covers. The more coverage, the better. Plus, you’ll also want to consider whether it’s open or closed at the mouth and nose. Closed masks are better because they can’t be as easily torn off, but open masks are more comfortable because you don’t have to hold your breath all night. Finally, you may want to invest in an extra pair of lenses for your mask if you wear glasses or contact lenses.

Avoid Cheap Mask

Cheap masks may seem like the perfect solution to your costume woes, but beware of what you’ll get. Cheap masks can be flimsy and won’t last long before becoming unusable. They are often made of thin paper with little detail or even worse, cheap plastic that will crack or tear after one use. So what kind of mask should you buy? It really depends on how much time you have to put into your costume. But if you’re looking to buy a mask that will last more than one night, then spending more money on a quality mask might be worth it in the end.

Match your Mask to the Occasion

1. Bat – For the dark and spooky October days, there’s nothing like the menacing bat.

2. Clown – Who doesn’t love clowns? They’re so much fun to be around, until you find out they don’t love you back.

3. Werewolf – These guys are scary but once you get over their appearance (if you can), they’re pretty friendly and just want to play with all of your friends!

4. Vampire – Vampires are usually romanticized as sexy, strong creatures with hypnotic powers, but in reality they’re just blood-thirsty monsters who only care about themselves.

5. Zombie – Zombies are some of the scariest monsters out there because they aren’t even alive to begin with!

6. Alice in Wonderland – Alice is a dreamer who dreams big. Her imagination knows no bounds and she always keeps her chin up high no matter what happens to her on this wild adventure.

7. Evil Queen from Snow White – If you need an evil queen that is always plotting against others, look no further than this infamous beauty There’s too many classical characters to play, just choose your favorite role and buy a mask!

Practice with your Mask Before October 31st!

Halloween is almost here! The time has come to decorate your house, buy candy, and decide what kind of costume to wear. But before you head out trick or treating with the kids, make sure you have the perfect mask first! To help you find the best masks for this year’s halloween celebration, we’ve put together our top picks in categories that range from horror classics to pop culture favorites. Whether you’re looking for something spooky or silly (or maybe even creepy), we’ve got some tips on the best masks to get your picky little ghost this year.

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