The Perfect Hand Painted Wine Glasses for Your Holiday Parties

I know what you’re thinking, what are hand painted wine glasses? To be honest I was surprised when my friend brought them over to show me. Hand painted wine glasses were all the rage at one point, but you don’t see them as much anymore. It was my first time ever seeing them and I couldn’t believe how beautiful they were! They truly make great party decor items and really add something extra to your holiday parties this year!


Wash the cup in warm water with soap

Whether you’re using a new mug or one of your favorite old mugs, it’s going to get covered in dust when it sits in the storeroom. Make sure the mug is sparkling clean. Besides, let it dry properly. You also don’t want to paint on a stained or wet mug.

Use topical alcohol and paper towels to clean the surface of the wine glass

Remove any grease, dust, soap film or fingerprints that can mess up your painting job. Let the glass sit and dry for 7-10 minutes after wiping down the alcohol.

Tape the masking tape to the rim of the cup

Note that the rim of the glass is not to be painted because some paints are toxic. Also, if the drink on your lips touches the paint, it will likely turn bad.


Sketch on a piece of paper

If you draw the pattern on paper or cotton paper, you can embed this pattern into the mug and use pattern transformation and drawing on the entire design. Cotton paper will be easier to use because of its ability to bend easily. Make your hand painted glasses unique!

Fix the mold on the glass

The sketch is placed inside the glass and filled with something like a sock or cotton wool. The soft interior will keep it in place and intact.

Sketch the design onto the mug

Use a syringe pen to sketch the design onto the mug. If you don’t like your drawing, you can use a cotton swab or ball soaked in topical alcohol or nail polish to “erase” the marker and paint.

Start coloring

Create marble-like cups by pouring paint over the cups from end to end. Pour a thin layer of paint on, always rotating the cup. Swap colors as preferred. For this method, liquid-filled painting is best.


Let it dry

Allow the cup to dry for at least 24 hours before proceeding to the next step of heat setting. Place it upside down in a soft place, such as a folded tea towel, to allow it to dry. Try not to place it in the kitchen or bathroom, where moisture can interfere with the drying process.

Heat to set the mug

If the paint you have chosen needs to be fired to set the shape, now is the time to do it. Create a foil sheet. Set the oven to 180 ºC and immediately place the cups on the foil sheet and put them in the oven. Set the timer for 30 minutes. 20 minutes later turn off the heat but keep the cups inside for 10 minutes. Then, after 30 minutes have passed, take out the cups.

Decorate your creation

Because some of your cups may be for birthdays and other occasions, you should fill them with candy, confetti or birthday horns, etc. They are very good to use and can be taken home.

If you’re interested in how to DIY wine glasses, this video will show you how to get started!

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