Yoga Ball to Induce Labor – Does It Really Work?

Yoga ball to induce labor? Can it really help you to speed up the process of going into labor? Yoga balls are typically used in yoga classes because they allow you to do various poses more easily and take deep breaths easily too, but do they have any other purpose? It turns out, yes! There are many people who swear by using a yoga ball to help induce labor, but does it work? In this article, we’re going to look at the pros and cons of using the yoga ball as well as other ways to go into labor naturally. Read on!

What is a yoga ball?

A yoga ball can be known as an exercise ball, fitness ball, stability ball, or even a Swiss ball. The yoga ball is usually made of plastic, vinyl, and elastic. They are filled with air to the proper tension to allow for proper placement on the ball. Usually, these balls are burst-resistant so the ball does not pop when you put your weight on it. The yoga ball helps with balance and helps you to use more muscles in your workout. It’s important to use the right size ball to get the most out of your yoga routine.

How Can a Yoga Ball Help in Labor?

Yoga balls don’t directly induce labor, a yoga ball can help you get in the right positions to help move the baby down toward the birth canal. Yoga balls can help:

Open The Pelvic Area. Sitting on a yoga ball can help open up the pelvic area. This helps your baby “drop” into the pelvis. For women with smaller hips, the more you open your pelvis, the faster labor will begin.

Encourages Pressure on The Cervix. If you sit on a yoga ball to help bring the baby to the birth canal, this encourages pressure on the head against the cervix. Pressing on this area helps promote uterine contractions. Although at first, when the time is right, you may only experience more Braxton Hicks (practice contractions), these symptoms may not go away and full labor begins.

Positioning Baby. Rocking and swaying movements on the ball can help guide your baby into position for birth. In some cases, a baby that is turned wrong cannot get down against the cervix. Babies do a complete rotation as they descend into the birth canal. If they are facing the wrong way, they may become lodged above the pelvic bones, unable to descend. This can also happen in babies in the “breech” position, with their bottom facing down, instead of the head.

Increased Blood Flow. Using a yoga ball at the end of pregnancy can help increase blood flow to the pelvic area. This helps all the tissues that support; the baby, labor, and delivery be well nourished with nutrients and needed oxygen. As they say, “babies come when they are ready,” so having good nutrition and blood flow helps get them ready faster. It can also reduce the chances of complications during labor and delivery.

Tips in Using a Yoga Ball to Induce Labor

  1. Make sure you get the approval for exercise from your doctor.

2. You can use any yoga ball that is burst proof.

3. Make sure the ball you choose is large enough that your hips are above your knees when you’re sitting on the ball. Exercise balls are sized according to your height.

Here is a video that shows how to use a yoga ball to induce labor:

The following yoga balls may help you if you are about to give birth:

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