How to Install a Dash Camera——a Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re ever involved in an accident and someone else was at fault, you’ll know that your dash camera can capture evidence that will help you get compensated for your damages. But what if your car doesn’t come with a dash camera already installed? Still thinking about getting a tech-guy to help you? No need now. You can actually do the installation by yourself.

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Whether you buy the dash cam brand new or get it secondhand, the installation process will vary depending on its manufacturer and the model of your car, so it’s best to follow the specific instructions listed in your owner’s manual. Still confused? This article will walk you through dash camera installation steps one by one.

Benefits of Dash Camera

Installing a dash camera in your car is a trend nowadays. There are various reasons behind the popularity of a dash-cam. The benefits of washing makeup sponges are listed as below.

  • Enhanced protection in the event of an accident to confirm who to blame
  • More likelihood to retrieve a stolen vehicle
  • Discounts on insurance premiums to drivers who have a dash cam mounted.
7 Steps of Dash Camera Installation
Before Installation:
  • Step 1: Test the device

Don’t rush to the installation so quickly yet, but make sure to test the functionality of your dash-cam first.

  • Step2: Confirm the installation spot

Connect the magnetic mount to the device and start the engine.Then Plug the car power cable in and watch the screen to find an installation location. It is recommended that you install it behind the rearview mirror for blocking the driving view. In addition, it’s better not to choose a dotted area.

During and After Installation:
  • Step3: Cleaning

After deciding on the installation spot, don’t forget to clean it for a clearer view.

  • Step4: Paste the static side film

After cleaning, you can paste the static side film. You should try to avoid the black dotted area, plastic, or window defroster because the surface is not flat and smooth. However, what if you want to use the adhesive mount to stick it on plastic or black dotted areas? You can do it directly without the static side film.

  • Step5: Attach the bracket

Remove the protective film on the suction cup or adhesive mount and fix the bracket to the static side film. If you use the adhesive mount, you’d better keep pressing for 30 seconds after pasting to ensure that it doesn’t drop off.

  • Step6: Hide the cables

Remember to hide the the car power cable into the roof liner to avoid a messy appearance.

  • Step7: Install the dash cam and adjust the angle

Congratulations! We now come to the installation of the dash cam itself. First, connect the device on the mount. Second, loosen the locking ring of the mount. Then, Start the car engine and see if the device turns on automatically. If everything is fine, use the screen to adjust the shooting angle. After adjustment, fasten the locking ring. If it doesn’t work, you may want to recheck the settings.

Just watch below video to learn how to install a dash camera correctly.

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