5 Useful Tips for How to Take A Good Selfie

The selfie has become a part of our culture. Most of us have a casual selfie or two every day, and some of us have a dedicated Instagram account where we post selfies on a near-daily basis. So, why not do it correctly instead of get lost before the camera? Follow these simple tips to take a great selfie.

1. Tilt An Object

Keep your phone completely steady and tilt your head gently, or slightly up, down, or to the side. You can also try tilting your phone and your head at the same time, although you might look foolish for a short while before you figure out your own unique phone + head + tilt combination that works best. Whatever you do, taking a selfie straight on probably won’t provide the ideal picture, and it has nothing to do with your attractive face.

2. Hide From The Shadows

While seeking the ideal lighting, it’s also a good idea to stay away from shadows. Even if you’ve located the ideal golden hour to take a selfie, it won’t be attractive if a pole or a set of window blinds casts a shadow across your face. By taking pictures in the shade, distracting shadows can be avoided. Hide under a shaded tree to catch that dewy post-workout glow if the sun is producing shadow issues with your post-run selfie. If you can’t do that, position yourself so that the sun is at your back.

3. Find Your Most Charming Angle

You’ve probably noticed that you appear different in different photos. Of course, there are many other variables at play, such as lighting, but did you know that there is one side of us that is flattering than the other? According to studies, most people look better on their left side because their facial features express emotions more accurately.

Look at the patterns in your images to determine which direction you were facing. Analyze your photos. Additionally, you can examine yourself through a mirror.

4. Smile Normal

Do you recall the elementary school photo day? One child was always unable to smile naturally while facing the camera. Bring on the yearbook image that keeps everyone up at night. Being able to grin naturally for the camera is definitely not simple. Unnatural smiles are rigid, artificial, unauthentic, and occasionally downright scary. You might need to practice since this isn’t necessarily intuitive for everyone.

Take a ton of selfies and practice different lip purses, mouth openings, lip turns up, big smiles with all of your teeth, and close-lipped smiles until you find the one that looks the most natural and photogenic.

5. Use A Selfie Stick 

Like all cameras, smartphone cameras exhibit lens and perspective distortion. One of the most noticeable consequences is that when you approach closer to the lens, you’ll appear wider, especially if you’re towards the edge of the frame, as you could be on a group selfie. An arm’s length is frequently insufficient to prevent these distortions. Use a selfie stick instead in these circumstances.

On the market, there are a few that are quite inexpensive, but pay attention to the quality. It is crucial to take into account the extension method, the connection, the material, and the overall extension length.

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