6 Ways to Style a Short Sleeve Flannel Shirt This Spring

The short sleeve flannel shirt has become an important wardrobe piece in the spring, summer and fall months, and one that will continue to be as popular in 2019 as it has been in the past few years. It’s warm enough to wear alone when it’s chilly outside, but thin enough to wear under a hoodie or jacket if you need even more warmth during the colder months of the year. And, if you want to add some style to your outfit, choose from these 6 ways to style a short sleeve flannel shirt this spring and summer season!

1) With Chinos

A versatile and timeless piece, the short sleeve flannel shirt is perfect for this spring. The lightweight fabric and trim fit offer some relief from the warmer weather, while still looking great with chinos or jeans. Here are six ways you can style yours this season:

1) Pair it with dark denim for an authentic look that will have you ready for your next camping trip. Add in some boots for an extra rugged edge. 2) Wear it over a polo shirt and pair with black pants to create a more formal yet stylish look. 3) Throw on some shorts and sandals, then top off your outfit with the flannel button-down tucked in just enough so that you can see the bottom of it peeking out from under your shorts hemline.

2) With Shorts

Short sleeve flannel shirts are the perfect way to layer during this transitional time of year.

1. Wear your shirt with shorts and sneakers for an easy daytime look. 2. Use it as a light jacket when the temperature dips in the evening by wearing it over a tee, jeans and boots. 3. Layer it under an open coat for extra warmth on those brisk days in between seasons or wear it under your raincoat on rainy days. 4. Try pairing your short sleeve shirt with dress pants, loafers and a blazer for an office appropriate outfit that can be dressed up or down depending on what you pair it with underneath (tie or t-shirt?).

3) Under a Lightweight Jacket

A lightweight jacket is perfect for those warm spring days. Here are six ways to style a short sleeve flannel shirt with a lightweight jacket.

#1: With Jeans and Sneakers

#2: With Casual Shorts and Sneakers

#3: With Jeans and Dress Shoes

#4: With Dress Pants, Collared Shirt, and Dress Shoes

#5: With Casual Shorts, Knee-High Boots, and Sunglasses

4) With Jeans

1) Pair your flannel shirt with blue jeans and you’ll have the perfect look for running errands in town. 2) Pair your flannel shirt with black denim and you’ll be ready for casual Friday. 3) Wear your flannel shirt over a simple white tee, dark jeans, and sneakers for an easy-going weekend outfit. 4) Dress up your short sleeve flannel shirt by pairing it with khakis and lace-ups. 5) Layer your flannel shirt under a crisp oxford shirt or chambray button down for an office appropriate look that’s still casual enough for weekends. 6) If all else fails, wear it as is – because who doesn’t love an effortless all-American style?

5) As a Layer

A short sleeve flannel shirt is the perfect way to layer and add an extra layer of warmth this spring. The shirt can be worn on its own, or with a sweater, jacket, or even another short sleeve shirt. To see how you can style one this spring, we have put together some of our favorite outfit ideas below:

– A flannel shirt under a denim jacket creates the perfect layered look for warmer days. Pair it with jeans and booties for your next shopping trip and you’re set! – Throw on a loose fitting flannel over your favorite tank top and pair with shorts for an easy summer look.

6) On Its Own

Pick up this season’s hottest look by wearing your flannel shirt with anything and everything. From high-waisted jeans and a tee, to the perfect pair of leggings and a sweatshirt, this season you can’t go wrong. Just remember that there is more than one way to wear your favorite flannel shirt!

1) Pair it with cutoff shorts, sneakers, and a tank top for summertime vibes.

2) For the ultimate athleisure look, try pairing it with leggings and running shoes.

3) Wear it over the shoulder as an off-duty dress option paired with sandals or sneakers for easy everyday style.

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