How to Wash Cotton Sweaters so They Last All Winter

How to Wash Cotton Sweaters so They Last All Winter
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Cotton sweaters can be some of the most comfortable clothes you own. However, they also tend to get dirty quickly but require less attention during washing than other fabrics in your closet. Washing your cotton sweaters shouldn’t be difficult, but with the wrong care they can get damaged in the laundry. When you take good care of cotton sweaters, they last much longer and you don’t have to purchase replacements as often as you might need to with other materials like wool or silk.

In order to keep your cotton sweaters looking new, this article will teach you how to wash them so they last all winter without pilling or shrinking.

What You Need to Know About Cotton Fabric

Cotton is one of the most versatile materials in fashion. It can be worn year-round and paired with just about any outfit. It’s comfortable, soft and easy to wash. Although it isn’t as delicate as wool or silk, it can’t be just dumped into the washing machine too carelessly. 

How to Wash Cotton Sweaters

They should be washed in cool water with a mild detergent. You can either choose to hand wash them or use a washing machine.

Machine Washing

If you try to avoid the drudgery and want to free your hand from the cold water in a bitterly cold winter, a washing machine serves as an optimal substitute.

  1. Check the care label

The manufacturer knows the most about the fabric and what is best for it. Before anything else, check the tag on your sweater to make sure if there are any special care instructions.

2. Use stain removal spray

A stain removal spray can save you a lot of trouble before you leave the items at the mercy of a washing machine. Follow the instructions on the label of the cleaner you choose. Different products are designed for different kinds of stains. So pay extra attention when choosing one.

3. Place your sweater in the washing machine

Remember to wash the sweater with other items that are in the same color group if you don’t want your lily white sweater to be too “iridescent”. 

4. Pour in your laundry detergent

The amount of clothing in your load matches a certain amount of detergent required, therefore you should consult the back of your laundry detergent container for a confirmation.

5. Choose the shortest cycle

Set your washing machine on the delicate circle. If there isn’t one, just choose the shortest cycle available on your washing machine.

6. Choose the water temperature

Select cold water for bright-colored sweaters, and warm water for light-colored sweaters.

Hand Washing

However, what if you do not trust a washing machine to be thoughtful enough while washing? You can resort to the traditional way of hand washing. To do this, you should first fill a sink or tub with cool water, then pour in laundry detergent. After that, you should place the clothes in it and allow them to soak. Gently knead the clothes for a moment or two, and then rinse until the water runs clear.

Just watch the video below to learn how to wash a cotton sweater with a washing machine correctly.

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