How to wear women’s wide leg cargo pants without looking like a slob

Women’s wide leg cargo pants may be one of the hottest fashion trends of the last several years, but that doesn’t mean you can wear them without looking like a slob. If you want to give yourself the best chance of pulling off your new look with confidence, follow this guide on how to wear women’s wide leg cargo pants without looking like a slob. We’ll cover everything from finding the right ones to wear in different situations and making sure you don’t end up in unflattering photos you didn’t mean to take.

Pick the right top

If you’re wearing wide-leg trousers, then it’s best to avoid anything too tight or clingy at the top. This includes fitted blouses and tops with small necklines. Instead, try pairing them with an oversized top that drapes loosely over your curves. If the weather is warmer and you want to go for a more casual look, try rolling up your sleeves for an effortless and cool vibe. Or if you have a meeting after work, dress up your outfit with black heels and an elegant coat.

When wearing cargo pants, there are so many different ways of styling these pants! You can play around by pairing them with short tops in summer or dressing them up by layering long sweaters in winter! No matter what season it is – these wide-legged beauties will get compliments all day long!

Pair with the right shoes

One way to look chic and polished is by wearing your wide leg cargos with heels. This will help you achieve a height that balances the proportions of the pants and make you feel comfortable as well. For an even more feminine look, try wearing them with flats or heels in a contrasting color. Other options include pairing them with oxfords, espadrilles, or sandals for an easy daytime look. They are perfect for the office too! You can dress them up with wedges and a blazer or dress down with ballet flats. With these versatile trousers, you’ll be able to create so many different looks!


Women’s wide leg cargo pants are trending in the fashion world, and are a great way to show off your style. But if you’re not careful, these unique trousers can look sloppy rather than chic. Here are some simple tips on how to make these fashionable trousers work for you:

– Add heels and cut-offs for a relaxed, summery look.

– Pair them with an oversized shirt and pumps for an evening out on the town.

– Dress them up with wedges and a blazer for your next meeting. Wear them around the house or do errands when paired with flats or sneakers.

And don’t forget about layering! Top it off with a big sweater and boots for winter; cover it up with a trench coat over leather leggings. The possibilities are endless!

Belt it

Wide leg cargo pants are great for fall because they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. If you’re going out with friends, try pairing them with flats, an oversize cardigan, and your favorite top underneath. If you’re meeting family for dinner, throw on some shoes that match the color of your shirt and load up on accessories. And if you’re heading to work? Pair your new wide-legs with a blazer or dress them down with sneakers and tights. You’ll love how versatile these pants are!

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