Stylish and Spooky: Halloween Earrings to Die For

Halloween earrings aren’t just for kids anymore! These days, adults are starting to get into the spirit of the holiday, too. In addition, they want to show off their Halloween spirit through jewelry choices. So if you’re not quite ready to go overboard with the makeup or go full-on skeleton costume yet, consider wearing some Halloween earrings that show off your love of the holiday without being too childish or too scary. With these stylish pieces of jewelry, you can add some spooky flair without going overboard on the scary stuff!

If you’re not quite ready to go overboard with the makeup or go full-on skeleton costume yet, consider wearing some Halloween earrings

Cool Designs

Halloween is coming up and we want you to be prepared with some spooktacular earring designs. Check out these five stylish yet spooky choices that are perfect for the holiday!

1) Black Cat Earrings – by Marc Jacobs

2) Skull Studs – by Jennifer Leigh Designs

3) Spooky Skully Hoops – by Lolaa

4) Menacing Marble Cross Hoops – by 18 Karat

5) Dracula Huggies – from Jamin Puech

Unique Versions

Halloween is the best day of the year for spooking people, but it’s also a great time to celebrate. It’s always fun when you find that perfect piece of costume jewelry or accessory that makes your outfit complete. With so many different ways to dress up as your favorite character, we’ve found some stylish yet eerie earrings that are guaranteed to make you feel like one of the undead! Our favorites are these Bone Stud Earrings with Cross Backs (pictured). Not only do they look good, but they’re easy to put on too!

This way if anyone happens to be walking behind you in this dark cemetery at night, they might think twice about getting any closer.

You can also DIY the earrings as the video shows.

What to Look For When Buying

1. Materials- What are the earrings made out of? Are they 100% metal, or is there a plastic component? 2. Size- Think about the size of your piercing when buying earrings. 3. Price- How much are they going to cost you? 4. Style- Is the design something that you’re going to enjoy wearing, or will it look outdated in a few years? 5. Quality- Does the quality seem good enough for how much you’re paying for them? 6. Design- It’s important to remember what kind of theme (halloween, traditional holiday) you want these earrings for so that you can get ones that match well with what’s already on your costume! 7. Finally, Fun Factor- Are these earrings fun enough to make people want to buy them from you if they see them at a party or event?

Tips for keeping

If you love wearing earrings but are sick of them constantly getting tangled, try buying two pairs of identical earrings. Keep one pair out on display at all times, and put the other pair away in a drawer when you’re not wearing them. Generally, this way, you always know where your favorite earrings are! Bonus points if you buy two different styles so that you have lots of options without feeling like you’re repeating yourself.

The second step is making sure that they will last for years to come, which starts with proper care. The easiest thing to do is be gentle with them– but don’t use force or yank them from your ears if they don’t want to cooperate!

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