The Perfect Pair of Sunglasses for Your Heart Shaped Face

Everyone knows the benefits of wearing sunglasses—they protect the eyes from dangerous UV rays, reduce glare, and make you look like a total rockstar—but only those with heart-shaped faces can really rock sunglasses. It’s not enough to just look at your face shape and pick up the first pair of shades that fits your face; for best results, you need to make sure that your sunglasses actually complement your facial features, creating your own signature style in the process. Read on to find out which sunglasses are best suited to your unique face shape!

Look for frames that are wider at the bottom

When considering your face shape, you want to make sure that the frame is wide enough at the bottom so it will be flattering. A heart shaped face is narrower at the top and wider at the bottom. When looking for sunglasses, you want to find ones with a frame that is wide at the bottom. This will give your face more definition and balance out your features. To figure out if a pair of sunglasses are wide enough at the bottom, put them on and look in a mirror. If they cover your cheekbones or eyes, then they are perfect!

Avoid frames that are too narrow

With a heart shaped face, you might feel like you’re at a disadvantage when it comes to finding the right pair of sunglasses. But don’t fret! There are plenty of options out there that will suit your face shape and style. Here are some tips on how to find the perfect fit:

– Don’t be afraid to try on different shapes and styles. You might be surprised by what looks best on you!

– Frames that are too narrow can make you look even more narrow in appearance. Try frames with wide temples or larger lenses.

– Avoid very large frames as they can make your face look even wider than it already is.

Consider round or cat eye frames

Women with heart shaped faces can have trouble finding the perfect pair of sunglasses. If you’re looking to buy a pair, we recommend rounding off your face with something like the Ray-Ban Jackie O sunglasses or going a bit more cat-eye with models like the Ray-Ban Clubmaster or Ray-Ban Aviator. You could also try something totally different and go for oversize styles like the Ray-Ban Wayfarer or Ray-Ban Clubmaster. Whatever you choose, be sure to keep in mind your face shape and ensure that any sunglasses you purchase work well with your features. For example, rounder frames will look great on women with heart shaped faces because they’ll help soften the angles of your cheeks. Cat eye frames are a good option too because they elongate your eyes making them appear wider.

Go for aviators or wayfarers

Which pair of sunglasses is best for you? That’s a question that has no easy answer. We all have different features, different preferences, and different needs. But if there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that the right pair of sunglasses can make an outfit.

What’s the occasion? Depending on what you need your sunglasses for, this will impact which shape you should go for. For example, wayfarers will be better if you need your glasses as protection from the sun while driving or walking in bright light while aviators may be more suitable if they’ll mostly be worn indoors at night. Is price important? No matter what style of frame you choose, there’s always going to be a budget factor involved; but these days it isn’t so much about how much money is spent as about getting what you need and finding good quality at any price point–you know that great feeling when something cost less than expected but turns out even better than expected?! Well then this blog post was just for YOU!

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