Watch for Men: Elgin National Watch Company Made One of the Best

Benjamin W. Raymond, a former mayor of Chicago, was among the individuals who created the Elgin National Watch Company in 1864. Elgin then held the distinction of running the largest watch manufacturing facility in the world for almost a century. The business, which produced clocks and movements, became an American institution and received countless honors. Since 1967, when the original Elgin Watch Company stopped making watches, its models have become collector’s goods.

Watch for Men
Lelong Lady Tiger

This watch’s design is the height of elaborate. The casing has engravings of a tiger on top and a silhouette of a woman on the bottom, with artistic flourishes at each end. More engraving surrounds the display, and the dial features distinctive hands and a traditional arrangement of indexes. In fact, the casing of the Lelong Lady Tiger is constructed from 14-karat yellow gold. This late 20th-century watch is normally available at auction for $2,500.

Elgin 19 Shockmaster

An analog watch with a mechanical movement made of 10 karat yellow gold is called the Elgin 19 Shockmaster. Because it has such a classic appearance, men are still purchasing, maintaining, and wearing this watch today. In addition, it has a very attractive, refined, and gentlemanly aesthetic. The Elgin 19 Shockmaster is normally available for around $300 online.

Lady Elgin 23

The Elgin watch for women was created to be smart, polished, and elegant. The case is oblong in design and has points on both ends, which is rare. Moreover, the hands of this watch follow the geometric concept of the indices. The dial reads “Lady Elgin 23” and the watch is made of 14-karat yellow gold. This watch can be purchased at auction for around $950, depending on condition.

Watch for Men
1957 Chevron Jump Hour

The term Chevron comes from the V form included into the case design of the mid-range Elgin Watches model. When this watch was first introduced, Elgin was experimenting with the release of timepieces with innovative characteristics to pique the interest of more consumers. The jumping hour was one of those novelties. Sales for the brand were dropping at the time. The 1957 Chevron Jump Hour was built with a 21 jewel movement in addition to this feature. Today, the typical price of this retro men’s watch is $675.

1947 14K Gold Lord Elgin

The Lord Elgin from 1947 was a remarkable and stylish piece. It was made with a rectangular casing and displayed the hours, minutes, and seconds on a dial with traditional numerals and geometric indexes. The watch’s markings were made of 14-carat yellow gold, in addition to the casing. This model’s movement has four adjustments and 21 jewels in total. Today, a 1947 Lord Elgin watch would cost at least $200.

1920s Art Deco

In the 1920s, Elgin Watches produced a line of Art Deco-inspired watches for everyone. Although these timepieces featured various mechanisms, their visual appeal was what set them apart. Each features distinctive Art Deco elements, and people who wanted to follow the trends of the day frequently wore them. A 1920s Elgin watch made in the Art Deco style is today quite expensive. These models can easily fetch more than $800 at auction if they are in good condition and have the original strap and movement.

1945 Elgin Military Ordnance Wrist Watch

The Elgin Military Ordnance Wrist Watch is among the most recognizable Elgin timepieces. It was quite accurate and distributed to US military personnel during World War II. What’s more astonishing is how well these watches have held up over time; you can still find examples of this model that are functional and unharmed, strap and all. The two-piece canvas strap was made with comfort and toughness in mind, both of which were crucial in the trenches.

Today, the price of this watch starts at $175, and excellent examples frequently cost more than $500. The watch is known for its black dial and gold numerals. In fact, it features the Elgin National Watch Company logo on the bottom of the dial. The length of the case is 2.75 inches, and it measures 1.25 inches in width. The case is made of stainless steel. The crown is located at the 3 o’clock position. One unique feature of the watch is the location of the serial number. It is located on the back of the case, which is not common. The serial number is 1,945,246. What’s more, this watch is powered by the Elgin 390 movement.

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Lord Elgin 626

The Lord Elgin watch collection is among the most well-known Elgin watch collections. The Lord Elgin 626 had a gorgeous case and strap and a hunting case movement that beat at 18,000 beats per hour. Back in the day, yellow gold filled watches were popular, and this model had a lot of gold in it. It was not only highly accurate and dependable, but it also looked fantastic. The starting price for this timepiece now is $300. It is also one of the most affordable luxury watches you can buy on a budget.

1937 Driver’s Watch

One of Elgin’s early models with movable lugs is the Driver’s watch from 1937. It was created at a time when more contemporary aesthetics were starting to replace the Art Deco movement. The dial does have some Art Deco characteristics, but it is far more modern looking than its forerunners.

The 17 jewel mechanism in Elgin’s 1937 driver’s watch was a dependable timekeeper. As evidence of the company’s former promise that their timepieces were “time to the stars,” this watch displays the star branding applied by Elgin during production. The price of this model can range from $200 to over $700 depending on its condition and the number of original components it still possesses.

1931 Ref. No. 33550551

A truly beautiful piece of American craftsmanship, this Elgin women’s watch with the serial number 33550551 was made in 1931. The 26 mm by 17 mm rectangular white gold filled case is truly magnificent. What’s more, vertical stripes and a modest floral motif decorate the dial, and the case’s ornamental edge carries the flowery motif throughout.

This watch is even more stunning thanks to its distinctive strap, which has been skillfully carved to resemble flowering branches enclosed in frames. The watch’s internal movement is made up of 15 diamonds, which is quite rare for a timepiece in its price range. Due to the rarity of this model, anticipate to pay over $600 for it at auction.

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