Ajazz Keyboard: the Most Customized Keyboard Available

These two years the keyboard circle can be said to be extremely competitive. In addition to the old keyboard manufacturers pile up a new, but also to a lot of newcomers to stir the pot. Recently, Ajazz AK966 is quite famous. In fact, it is the first mass-produced keyboard with Kailh MX CREAM axle. What’s more, you’d be hard pressed to find fault in other configuration. With no further ado, let’s have a look at Ajazz AK966.

Basic Parameter

Model number: Ajazz AK966

Configuration: 98 configuration with volume knob (96 keys)

Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0, wireless 2.4G, Type-C wired

Key cap: MDA high PBT thermal sublimation key cap

Axle: Kailh MX CREAM axle

Axle seat: Kailh hot swap axle seat, support 3/5 pin axle

Structure: Gasket

Lighting: RGB backlight, 16.8 million colors, 18 preset light effects (drive onboard)

Battery: 10000 mAh

Size: 387.5 X 136.8 X 41.5mm

Weight: 1027 ± 10g


In addition to the keyboard body, there is a separate test shaft with four new shaft bodies, as well as a keyboard cover, Mac replacement key cap, key puller, metal replacement knob, Type-C cable and instructions. The Ajazz AK966 is compatible with Windows/mac, and it also has four separate Apple Add-on key.

AK966 is the mainstream 96-key design. With almost no loss of function keys, AK966 reduces the size of the traditional 104 keyboard by 20%, which not only reduces the floor area, but also makes the visual effect more concise. It is the most accepted keyboard layout at present.

In the upper right corner is the latest hot volume knob, rotate to adjust the volume, press to turn on mute. The texture of the knob is still good, smooth top, edge with non-slip pattern. However, the color scheme of this area does not match the color scheme of the whole keyboard, and it would be better to replace it with a supplementary key cap.

In bottom, conventional three-way outlet, five anti-slip silicone pads. The foot brace supports double segment adjustment.

Keycaps and axle

The key cap is MDA height, the material is PBT, the concave ball cap has a larger contact area, the fingertip positioning is more fit, the touch feeling is smooth, and the character is high-temperature thermal sublimation process. The keycaps are well made, the wall thickness is strong despite only one stiffener, and the spout is almost flawless.

The large key is designed for the satellite shaft, which is relatively stable after the test, and no tilt occurs when hitting. There are a few traces of lubrication on the satellite shaft, and below you can see the sandwich cotton made of Poron material. The silencing effect of this material is far better than that of silica gel, but there is no lack of soft bullet characteristics.

5 foot axle seat, basically can support the market common axles. Under the lamp design, plus the key cap itself is not light, so more as a sense of atmosphere exists.

Kailh MX CREAM axle is the first axle to use POM material. It has the characteristics of smoother. There is no need to moisten the axle. The axle is exquisite milky white, and the five-pin socket is far more stable than the three-pin axle.

The Ajazz AK966 also uses the Gasket structure which is the most popular custom. PC positioning plate, PORON sandwich pad, PORON bottom cotton, shaft pad, silicone pad and other linings through precise fitting, dense fill the internal space, not only make the key feel consistent, but also avoid the cavity sound produced when hitting.

Ajazz AK966 Review | Kailh Cream | Gateron Red


You can say that the AK966 is a pile of material. The Gasket triple-mode hot swap, PBT key cap, and even the battery has an amazing 1W mah. The color scheme and keyboard design are also impressive. Of course, the most important thing is to finally see the MX Cream axis on a production keyboard. If you are a fan of customized machinary keyboard, you should try this guy.

EPOMAKER Ajazz AK966 96 Keys Hot Swap Gasket 2.4Ghz/Bluetooth 5.0/Type-C Wired Mechanical Keyboard with 3 Layer Poron Sound Absorption Foam, 10000mAh Battery for Gamer(Starry Night)

as of 07/04/2023 7:01 AM

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