Corsair iCUE: Make Your Corsair Awesome

If you own any Corsair devices or peripherals, you should definitely install iCUE. The free program lets you manage, control, and customize your Corsair equipment, allowing you to make the most of it. In fact, any devices or peripherals of Corsair labeled with iCUE can enjoy the personalized service. In other words, you can control every Corsair iCUE devices or peripherals with the iCUE software. Now let’s have a look at what you can do with Corsair iCUE software.

Corsair iCUE

Corsair iCUE is a software that allows you to manage and control all Corsair devices, including headphones, mouse, keyboard, cooler, fan, and RAM. With iCUE, you can customize lighting, set key assignments to remap buttons, create macros, change device Settings, update firmware, and monitor PC performance. In short, you have more control over your equipment.

Depending on the device, you may have more options on newer models. Some will have advanced features that can maximize your gaming experience or increase your productivity. In the case of the mouse, you can change the preset DPI Settings, adjust the polling rate, or instantly change the pointer speed.

With light control, there are 11 different presets to choose from. But you can also create custom effects for certain parts of the keyboard. For example. you can choose the exact colors, how fast they change, and what lighting effects to apply.

Your headphones have equalizer (EQ) presets, or you can create your own. Fan and pump speeds can be adjusted through the AIO cooler, and their performance can be changed automatically or manually over different temperature ranges. Not only is it fun to customize your gear completely to your liking, it’s a great way to create an immersive gaming experience. With iCUE, you can do more with your equipment in an organized program.

Monitoring Hardware Statistics

Corsair iCUE lets you keep a close eye on your system’s statistics, even for non-Corsair branded components. Your hardware has temperature and power readings, including the graphics card, CPU, power supply, motherboard, and AIO liquid cooler. In addition to controlling their speed, you will also see how fast your fans spin. There are also clock speeds and RAM timing for you to check.

This information can be used to diagnose problems with PC components or to help you maximize system performance. Monitoring the performance of the system while performing certain activities, such as gaming or rendering, is a good way to know if the system is bottlenecked in any way. One example is adjusting the rails of the Corsair power supply to improve stability and performance under certain GPU loads.

Update Your Firmware

Firmware updates are important for installations because they fix bugs and improve performance. Corsair iCUE lets you update firmware for all your devices at once. You no longer need to worry about checking each device individually for updates. Whenever you open iCUE, you will see a notification that there are updates available. The downside is that iCUE doesn’t update automatically, so you need to open the program from time to time to check for updates.

If you have a problem with your current firmware, you can manually roll it back to a previous version. The rollback version needs to be saved on your computer so that you can load it into the program.

How to RGB Like a Pro with iCUE


You have to commit that possessing a set of devices and peripherals which can DIY through a software is really a cool thing. On the other hand, Corsair iCUE software is useful and practical at the same time, for monitoring and updating.

Do you have any Corsair devices or peripherals? Would you want to buy one for yourself?

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