Corsair Keyboard: an In-depth Review of K100 Air

I’m wondering that when did I contact the mechanical keyboard at the first. Compared with the membrane keyboard, mechanical keyboard not only has a better feel, but also has a huge advantage in the all-key no impact, trigger speed and other aspects. However, there is also a disadvantage, that is, the size and weight of the keyboard are too high to be as thin as the membrane keyboard, which makes mechanical keyboards not easy to carry. Nonetheless, Corsair K100 Air is the measure satisfactory to both sides.


The random storage receiver, coupled with the key line separation design, also makes the keyboard more portable and convenient for daily use. What’s more, the K100 Air uses the full-size 108, with a numeric keypad to make the keyboard more versatile.

As a member of Corsair’s flagship K100 series, the K100 AIR is also unambiguous in its workmanship and materials. The front of the K100 AIR is completely covered by aluminum panels. The brushed metal process looks excellent texture and gives the product a full sense of premium. What’s more, the bottom edge of the ultra-long non-slip rubber strip to ensure that the keyboard in the input stability.

The media control key is still on the upper right of the keyboard. And the aluminum scroll wheel of the Pirate Ship logo is also equipped. Therefore, it can easily adjust the volume or achieve other functions through iCUE software Settings. The top left corner of the keyboard also has a configuration toggle button, a light brightness adjustment button, and a lock Windows button.

As I mentioned before, K100 AIR adopts a new shaft body, which makes this product unprecedently thin among mechanical keyboards. In fact, after measuring, we found that the thinnest part of the keyboard is only about 1cm, and the thickest part is only about 1.7cm. To be honest, it is even thinner than ordinary thin membrane keyboards.

The weight of the keyboard also has some advantages. As compared to a regular, 100% mechanical keyboard, the K100 AIR weighs only 750g despite its thickened aluminum panel, compared with 970g for a regular keyboard.

Axis features and feel

In March 2021, after more than three years of research and development, CHERRY unveiled an ultra-thin mechanical shaft, the MX Ultra Low Profile. The shaft body uses a metal frame similar to the “butterfly shaft” structure. The unique design reduces the mechanical shaft to an unprecedented size at one stroke.

It should be noted that the total height of the conventional shaft body is about 18.5mm. And the height of the Low axis is about 11.9mm. However, the height of the MX Ultra Low Profile is only 3.5mm, which greatly expands the use scenario of the mechanical keyboard. In fact, it can be installed on laptops and other devices. Also, it makes it possible to build ultra-thin mechanical keyboards like the Corsair K100 AIR.

CHERRY MX Ultra Low Profile has spring structure just like the regular shaft body. However, the difference is that the regular shaft body mainly relies on the tension of the spring to spring back. Instead, this shaft body has a tension spring in the middle of the two wings, combined with the exquisite shaft body structure. The original vertical shaft converted into a horizontal structure, which is also the characteristics of the shaft body.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the main force parts of this shaft body are all stainless steel material, and is produced in Germany assembly. Therefore, the durability of the shaft body is completely unnecessary to worry about.

Due to special shaft body, keycap nature is completely different. Corsair K100 AIR using sealed, chocolate type ultra-thin keyboard. Characters can be pervious to light, the center inward slightly concave. So, it can fit more the user’s fingertips, surface for the class skin material. What’s more, its friction is moderate, and input of the whole experience is very comfortable.

thinnest gaming keyboard EVER


The new and exquisite design, the shaft material mainly made of stainless steel, and the German production process make this shaft body have an outstanding input experience even though it is only 3.5mm thick, creating the thinnest mechanical keyboard on the market.

Processing technology, combined with the Corsair AXON Overspeed handling technology, SLIPSTREAM Wireless Fast connection, etc., it also greatly enriched the keyboard usage scenario. Whether to play games, text input, or daily office etc., it is suitable for the application of the way. If you want to choose and buy a both thin and light, comfortable and all-around mechanical keyboard, the K100 AIR is the No. 1 choice for you.

Corsair K100 AIR Wireless RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Ultra-Thin, Sub-1ms Slipstream Wireless, Low-Latency Bluetooth, Cherry MX Ultra Low Profile Keyswitches - NA Layout, QWERTY - Black

as of 05/19/2023 11:20 PM

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