Corsair Mouse: MMO Gaming Mouse

It’s not that the mouse type is an MMO, it’s that the mouse type is suitable for playing MMO type games. The MMO is Massively Multiplayer Online. For example, World of Warcraft (WOW) is one of the most typical MMO. On account of the need for multiple commands in MMO games, a MMO gaming mouse generally should have more buttons than an ordinary mouse. And the mouse I’d like to introduce today is one of the most typcal MMO gaming mouse, Corsair Scimitar Pro.


Corsair announced the Corsair Scimitar Pro game mouse at ES 2017. The appearance has no different from the old version. However, the latest PIXART PMW3367 optical sensor, onboard storage and other hardware indicators have been upgraded. Configurations from a few years ago are still excellent today.

The appearance of the design is a bit like steamed bread, relatively large, boys with just good grip. The surface seems to be made of black rubber material, which feels smooth. Unlike Razer’s skin-like sticky hands and Cerui’s piano paint, fingerprints are easy to be found.

About the key is about symmetrical design, pressure number is not high, soft. Middle roller with non – slip twill, roll up the scale sense is obvious. The middle key is also a small number of pressure grams, soft and quiet. These days some mouse are designed to be silent like this.

On the left side there are 12 keys. In fact, they can be adjusted back and forth. But after I adjust the whole side key area up and down loose, not very smoothly. The side key area is very flat, not as sticking hand as Logitech G600. The micro side keys are better than the silicone pad of Razer’s Naga. And it feels crisp and rattling, with texture grasp sense. There are also four areas of RGB lighting. And each of which can be configured independently, providing a very high level of playability for players. Right pinky position also designed anti – slip grain, very intimate.

Instead of Corsair’s classical aluminum base on the bottom of the mouse, aluminum is reserved only near the middle bald head, with PTFE sliding pads at the corners. Also, there is a small hole next to the bald head. What’s more, it can be loosened using the included small screwdriver to adjust the position of the side key area.

Using experience

The biggest highlight of the mouse is that there are four luminous areas, which can independently set the backlight effect of each area, each area can set different backlight effect, but also can set the same backlight effect, iCUE built-in common four kinds of backlight effect.

Corsair Scimitar Pro game mouse indispensable macro Settings. Provides MMO timer, double key macros, DPI matrix and other features. Can be fine-tuned to fit mouse pad surface.

The upgraded onboard storage is larger and can store three sets of hardware macro and backlight Settings files. As for me, who often bring the mouse to the studio, the lab is the most suitable. In fact, those computers can not install drivers. The previous Logitech G600 supported only one solution. It is not enough to switch before PS, AI, Rhino.

Corsair Scimitar Pro | Review | Best MMO Mouse | 3 years in.


Pros: adjustable side keys are more human. Four-area RGB lighting is more creative.

Cons: Side keys don’t fit the thumb very well.

If you are a MMO gamer and looking for a suitable mouse, maybe you should try this one.

Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB - MMO Gaming Mouse - 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor - 12 Programmable Side Buttons - Black

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