Dareu A98: One of the Best Tri-Mode Hot Swappable Keyboard

Dareu is the abbreviation of Dongguan Dareu Electronics Co., LTD., established in 2000. As an IT enterprise, Daryou always adheres to the principle of quality first, strives for perfection, constantly creates the application demand and at the same time adheres to the improvement of product performance and technical content. Therefore, Dareu became one of the best customized keyboards manufacturers. Today, Dareu A98, will rock you.


As one of the world’s high-quality peripheral brands, Dareu has launched A series of keyboards in the past two years. In fact, A series of keyboards is one of Dareu’s sharp sword heading for high-end peripheral market. The A98 series keyboard is extremely outstanding, known as the “top peripheral”, and is the ceiling of the mass production feel. How about the feel of this A98 mechanical keyboard?


Why is it called A98? I think it may be because it adopts the 98 column layout. Compared with the 104 key layout of the full keyboard, it retains the digital key area and reduces some not very commonly used functional keys. This modification not only saves 20% of the desktop space, but also fully meets the needs of office, game and other uses in daily life. However, on closer inspection, it is also slightly different from the traditional 98 column, eliminating the Alt key on the right side.


In terms of the appearance of the keyboard, unlike most mechanical keyboards, this mechanical keyboard also sets a small display screen between the Esc and F area keyboard. The screen shows the remaining battery at any time to avoid the awkward situation of the keyboard suddenly running out of power.

What’s more, the left side of the keyboard is the switch button for three different connection modes. Push up is 2.4G mode, the middle gear is wired connection, and push down is Bluetooth mode. It is compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, MacOS and other operating systems, and can be easily switched between multiple devices.


Gasket structure, compared with the traditional mechanical keyboard, there are no screws to fix the keyboard inside, but the upper and lower cover is precise and fixed. The mechanical keyboard of Daeryou A98 is also filled with high-toughness silica gel between the inner liner and the bottom shell, which not only reduces the sound of keyboard code words, but also makes the hand feel more comfortable and balanced.

Hot Swappable

In fact, in 2021, manufacturers have started to prefer hot swappable keyboard. And this year almost all the hot sales are hot swappable design mechanical keyboards. Dareu from the A87 to the A10, to this A98 and many A-series mechanical keyboards are basically standard with three – and five-pin compatible axel seat hot swappable keyboard.

It’s also easier for new players to DIY their keyboards. In fact, you don’t need many tools to experience different axels. In addition, you don’t need to pay for a new keyboard every time you want to try a different axel.

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This so-called “top peripheral” Dareu A98 three-mode mechanical keyboard, really gave us a lot of surprises! “Gasket structure” makes code words feel more comfortable. Support hot plug, DIY exclusive keyboard. Three-mode connection, support multi-system free switching. 98 matching, to meet daily needs. If you are looking for a tri-Mode hot swappable keyboard, Dareu A98 will be one of your best choices.

DAREU A98 Pro Tri-Mode Industry Gray Hot Swappable Gasket Structure Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, 98-Key, LED Screen, BT5.1/2.4G/USB-C, RGB Backlit, PBT Double-Shot Keycaps for Mac & Win (V3 Sky Switch)

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