Gigabyte M28U Monitor: Balance among Work, Game and Design

RTX 4090 has been released several days ago, but what monitor are you using? Is it 2K 60Hz, 1080P 144Hz, or even 1080P 60Hz? If so, you’re out then as a gamer.

Since the price of RTX 30 series has dropped and the RX 7000 is going to be released, HDMI 2.1 and DP 1.4 have gradually become standard hardware for gamers. If you are ready to or have a group of a game console, the monitor also needs to be upgraded. After all, no matter how high the picture quality, a monitor with “4K 144Hz” could match the needs.

Gigabyte monitor

Official specs: 28-inch 4K fast LCD, 144Hz high refresh rate, 1ms GTG response time, 94% DCI-P3 and 120% sRGB ultra-wide gamut, HDR 400, KVM support, game assist, 6-axis color mixing, and more. The specs are impressive for their price.

GIGABYTE M28U 28" 144Hz Gaming Monitor, 3840 x 2160 SS IPS Display, 2ms (MPRT) Response Time, 9‎4% DCI-P3, VESA Display HDR400, FreeSync Premium Pro, 1x Display Port 1.4, 2x HDMI 2.1

as of 07/22/2023 3:48 AM

Gigabyte M28U still carries on the family style of low-key introspect appearance. Although the nominal is esports monitor, it is hard to find many esport elements, that is, there is a little mechanical box on the back of the line without RGB lights. Therefore, it is suitable for the office. One thing you might notice is that the monitor doesn’t have a power adapter. That is because it’s integrated into the body of the monitor.


It is worth mentioning that the interface of the M28U is very complete, with 2 HDMI 2.1, 1 DP 1.4, 1 USB Type-C, 3 USB3.0 (supporting fast charging), 1 USB-B, DC power port and 3.5mm headphone jack. And the interface can support HBR3 high bandwidth output (up to 32.4Gbit/s). With a DP line it can reach “4K+144Hz+HDR 400+10bit”. That means it can meet the ultimate demand for high picture quality high fluency. In addition, with the KVM key beside it, multiple computers, game consoles and other devices.


Officially, the M28U adopts Super Speed IPS LCD screen, which can match the response speed of TN screen while ensuring the excellent viewing and feeling of IPS screen. The actual visual effect is also quite transparent, bright and full of color.

Speaking of color, the M28U’s color accuracy is also excellent, with a maximum Delta E value of only 2.37, which is generally indistinguisable to the human eye within 3. Even better, the average is only 0.59, which is the level of professionally designed monitors. With such color accuracy and gamut coverage, it can be said that in addition to being able to do esports displays, the M28U is also capable of part of the design work. It is worth mentioning that the M28U also provides a 6-axis color control for professional users. That means it can adjust the desired screen color by itself, making it more accurate and professional.

Finally, when it comes to the uniformity of the panel, it is normal for the IPS screen to have light leakage. The maximum difference of the brightness balance of the Gigabyte M28U is 18%, which mainly concentrated in the upper part of the area and has little impact on daily use.


In terms of e-sports, thanks to this fast LCD screen, the M28U supports a 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms GTG grayscale response time, and equipped with Adaptive-Sync anti-tear technology, it can provide users with smooth and smooth game pictures without stalling, tearing, dragging and other situations.

In addition, if you enable “HDR” mode in the OSD menu of the Gigabyte M28U, you can get a better look and feel when watching HDR videos and playing HDR games. The details in the bright and dark areas are obviously increased. The contrast is strong, and the picture level is richer. What’s more, M28U is equipped with blue light filtering and eye protection technology certified by TUV Rheinland. And it does not flash screen design. On the premise of not affecting the picture quality, it can reduce the eye strain or blue light harm. That is caused by playing games or watching TV plays for a long time.

If you have a PS5, this monitor is also good enough for your “4K 120Hz” needs. Plug in HDMI 2.1 to unlock the next generation of PS5 gaming.

Gigabyte M28U Review, Awesome Value 4K 144Hz for Gaming


The Gigabyte M28U is a simple and introverted display with excellent and delicate appearance. Also, 4K 144Hz+ advanced interface features can make players will not fall behind in the next few years. The addition of KVM, esports support and other features makes the display more practical, helping users to enjoy more than visual convenience.

And the excellent color performance, is to let this monitor not only meet the esports entertainment, for office and even design creation, can be competent. Therefore, it can be said that the Gigabyte M28U is quite versatile.

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