How to Choose the Perfect Portable Power Bank for You

A portable power bank is the ultimate item for any person on the go. Whether you’re out camping with friends and family, spending the night in an airport, or backpacking across Europe, you can never have enough battery life to keep your devices running! Keep reading to find out how to choose the perfect portable power bank for you and your lifestyle.

Whether you’re out camping with friends and family, spending the night in an airport, a portable power bank is the ultimate item for any person on the go

The 4 Types of Chargers

It is important that you buy a portable power bank that will last long enough and charge your devices quickly. A power bank can come with one of four types of chargers: battery, solar, AC adapter, and USB port. There are pros and cons to each type.

##Battery Chargers. The battery charger is the most affordable option because it does not require any additional hardware like an AC adapter or car charger. Battery chargers need to be charged before they can be used which takes up valuable time. Battery chargers have low wattage so they take a while to charge phones, tablets, and other devices.

##Solar Chargers. Solar chargers typically have higher wattage than battery chargers so they work better for charging larger devices such as tablets. They also do not require anything else like a wall socket. One downside is that the sun has to be out for this type of charger to work which might not always be possible.

##AC Adapter Charger. If you don’t have access to an outlet but still want the convenience of being able to recharge your device on-the-go, then this is the best option for you. An AC adapter comes with its own cord. So there’s no need to carry a separate wire like there would be with a car charger. The disadvantage is that these chargers have low wattage and can take hours to charge a phone or tablet.

##USB Port. If all you need is to top off your phone with some extra juice, then this is the charger for you. The USB port allows users to connect the portable power bank to their computer or laptop. It is available through an included cable which turns it into an external hard drive.

And if you don’t know which to buy, you can watch the following guide.

Size & Weight

The size of your power bank will largely depend on how much you want to carry around with you. If you’re a frequent traveler or want to be able to charge multiple devices at once, look into getting a larger unit, like the aduro 20 000mah 4 usb power bank. However, if you just need something that can give your phone an extra boost while you’re out and about on a Sunday afternoon, this might not be necessary.

Durability & Safety

Durability and safety are two of the most important factors when choosing a portable power bank. If you’re looking for something with a long life span and an alarm system in case of emergency, then you may want to consider an aduro 20 000mah 4 usb power bank. The battery life on these is up to 120 hours, so they’re perfect for long trips without access to electricity. With four USB ports, you’ll be able to charge your devices as fast as possible too!

Speed & Number of Ports

The number of ports on a power bank might seem like a trivial detail, but it will affect your charging experience. A 2-port power bank may be enough if you only plan on charging one device at a time, but if you have multiple devices that need to be charged in the same sitting, then you’ll want to consider getting a power bank with 4 or more ports.

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