How to Find the Perfect PC Gaming Mic

A high-quality pc gaming mic can take your gaming to the next level. Because it can allow you to be more expressive in your commentary while also making your teammates easier to hear and understand over Skype or Discord chat. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find the best gaming mic since they all have different features and you might not know what you need or want until you’ve tested out different kinds of mics. That’s where this guide comes in!

it can be hard to find the best gaming mic since they all have different features and you might not know what you need or want

Best types of mics for your PC

When it comes to picking a pc gaming mic for your gaming needs, you have quite a few options. Here’s an overview of your best options Altec Lansing IMW515: The Altec Lansing IMW515. It is a great headset that can be used with PCs and Macs alike. It has many features that will appeal to gamers, including its noise-cancelling microphone and in-line volume control. Its sound quality is also very good. And it has a full-spectrum frequency response range of 20Hz–20kHz, which means that all your games will sound great through these headphones.

Features to Consider before Buying a PC Gaming Mic

Recording quality is also an important feature of a microphone. There are various kinds of microphones, each with their own sound capture abilities. So be sure to test them out at a local electronics or music store. There are four basic types of microphones – dynamic, condenser, ribbon and USB/laptop mics. Dynamic mics have been used for many decades in recording studios because they can pick up sound from all around them including voice and background noise. They’re generally cheaper than other mic options but aren’t as sensitive as condenser mics. Condenser mics, on the other hand, are able to pick up sound more accurately but tend to require more power (i.e., electricity) than dynamic mics.

Helpful tips on microphone placement

Be aware of your microphone’s pick-up pattern (its sensitivity). Different types of microphones excel at picking up sounds from different distances and in different directions.

Experiment with placement, too. Your microphone will produce a more well-rounded sound if you place it closer to your mouth than to your keyboard. If possible, speak directly into the mic; never speak off-axis or away from it.

And remember that less is often more. Your voice is naturally richer when you whisper than when you shout, so keep that in mind when recording. A good rule of thumb is to record at levels just below what would cause clipping (distortion) on your recording device. For example, if your software warns you about clipping while recording voiceovers, try turning down the gain knob by 1/8th or 1/4th turn until there are no warnings.


No matter what you’re trying to get done—whether it’s gaming, podcasting or just chatting—you need a great microphone. That said, not all microphones are created equal, and there are many options for a variety of uses. Read our guide to learn about different types of mics out there and find one that is perfect for you! The first step in finding your perfect mic is knowing what you want out of it: do you want something that records anything nearby?

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