Laptop Decals: A Fun and Easy Way to Express Your Personality

Maybe you’re looking to buy a new laptop, or maybe you’re just looking to spruce up the one you have now. Either way, you can personalize your computer or laptop by adding some personality and flair with decals. Laptop decals are great options because they don’t require any special knowledge or skills, nor do they cost much money to create or purchase. Plus, laptop decals are reusable, so once you find the perfect one for you, it will last for years to come!

Laptop decals are great options because they don’t require any special knowledge or skills, nor do they cost much money

What are laptop decals?

Laptop decals are a fun way to decorate your laptop with items that express your personality. You can display your favorite characters, quotes or even photographs on your computer. It’s a great option for people who don’t have time for regular laptop stickers. If you want more information about laptop decals, read our full guide here.

What are the benefits of using decals?

Decals can give your laptop an artistic look that you’ll be proud to carry around with you. They’re also very affordable, which means they’re a great accessory for those who want something more than just their plain, old laptop but aren’t able or willing to splurge on a new one. Many decal companies also sell removable ones that are easy to take off and reapply. This lets you change up your look whenever you feel like it—without spending any money! How do I apply a decal?

Most companies will send you instructions with your purchase, but in general you should use a spray bottle to moisten your laptop before applying the decal (the spray bottle will make sure it sticks well). Then peel off only half of its backing and align it over your computer so that both pieces are stuck together. Press down firmly until everything is lined up correctly; then pull away slowly while pressing firmly until all of its backing is removed.

How do you apply them?

Applying a laptop decal is very simple, because they’re of high quality, which means you can easily apply them to any smooth surface. First, find a clean spot on your laptop. If you have an older model that has begun accumulating dust, you might want to give it a good wipe down before applying your decal. Next, peel off your decal from its backing sheet and place it onto your laptop in exactly the right spot.

You can also learn from the video below.

Tips when applying your new design

Follow these simple tips when applying your decal, and you’ll be good as new. Remember, laptop decals are meant for smooth surfaces. If you have textured or uneven surfaces, such as a keyboard or mousepad, remove them before applying your decal. Clean off any dust or dirt from your surface using a microfiber cloth. Position your design in place so it is centered, then use a credit card to rub over it slowly until it sticks. Don’t rush! This may take some time, but once it sticks down you won’t want to mess with it. Apply pressure evenly across your entire design, and don’t just press down on one area. Once your decal has been applied correctly, let it sit for 24 hours before removing its backing paper. This will allow it to adhere fully to its surface without peeling away at first touch.

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