NVIDIA Reflex: Help You Win the Game

NVIDIA Reflex is a set of technology for optimizing and measuring latency in competitive games. This is a software technology that can measure and reduce latency in competitive games.In other words, it can decrease the delay from click to display. For gamers, this technology is a legitimate cheater. If you want to increase your win rate, read through the article and I’m sure you will learn from it.


NVIDIA Reflex is a collection for optimizing and measuring latency in competitive games. It includes NVIDIA Gpus, Reflex displays and games and mice with this technology.

NVIDIA Reflex mainly includes Reflex SDK at software level and Reflex delay analyzer at hardware level. Reflex SDK is mainly used for game developers to integrate Reflex delay optimization technology into games, while Reflex delay analyzer is integrated into some of the latest NVIDIA G-Sync displays to achieve accurate measurement of system delay, so that users can better understand their system delay level.


Using Reflex SDK, game developers will be able to implement a low-latency mode where the game engine will render in real time. And also it will eliminate GPU rendering queues and reducing CPU backpressure when constrained by the GPU. When developers integrate Reflex SDK into a game, they can dynamically adjust the rendering time to the GPU, effectively slowing down the input and sampling of the game simulation to ensure that it is processed in a timely manner.

Reflex’s delay analyzer works by detecting the time between a mouse click and a change in the pixel displayed on the screen (i.e., a shot in FPS games for example), giving you a complete measurement of the system’s delay.

In other words, in the process of a typical game, when we press the left key of mouse, the mouse will signal transmission to the operating system. And then, operating system will transfer the information to the game engine, then to the CPU. The last one will calculate the impact on the game press the mouse. After that, rendering instructions will be sent the CPU to the GPU. The GPU renders the games and then outputs it to the monitor. After sampling, HDR processing, and finally drive panel will display that.


Another great feature of NVIDIA Reflex is the ability to reduce latency even with higher resolution. Professional gamers are more likely to use lower resolutions in world-class tournaments, as this usually means less rendering load and lower latency. However NVIDIA says it is possible to play at higher resolutions with lower latency if you use NVIDIA Reflex technology.

At the same time, NVIDIA Reflex technology can also reduce the backpressure of CPU. That means when the processing speed of GPU cannot keep up with the speed of CPU, the system will limit the computing speed of CPU. When the backpressure of CPU is reduced, the game engine will be able to timely sample mouse instructions and further reduce the delay of the game engine.

Which game settings cause the most lag? - Nvidia Reflex Latency Analyzer


Currently, there are 40 games supporting NVIDIA Reflex, including APEX Heroes, Tom Clancys Rainbow Six and Overwatch, and counting. NVIDIA Reflex does reduce latency and make your game experience much better. Go and get a NVIDIA graphics card.

And here’s a question. How to turn this bravo function on? Just look for “NVIDIA Reflex” in the game’s Settings.

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