Western Digital SSD: Reasons for Choosing WD SN550

As HDD manufacturers, Western Digital is one of the few remaining giants. But as an SSD vendor, Western Digital continues to fill its answer sheet with products. In the field of high performance, with SN750, now SN550’s high quality and low price, we can feel the future positioning of Western Digital products will be clearer. So why don’t you get a Western Digital SN550?

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How to choose SSD

1. First-line original factory 2. Low temperature 3. Good cost 4. Excellent performance 5. Retail channel, with 5 years and above warranty

Think of any SSD and see if it meets these criteria. It is generally accepted that the SSD is relatively good, which can satisfy 3~4 points, but all of them can satisfy at the same time.

Details of WD SN550

Blue disk means middle positioning. Low power consumption (3.1V 1.8A), as the reference PM981 is 3.3V 2.8A. The former is 64% of the latter. The distance between main control and NAND particles is very far, which further reduces heat accumulation and brings lower operating temperature. The performance of the no cache solution is good, and the continuous read and write is 40% better than the previous generation SN500.

The SN550 is an M.2 2280 SSD with a single-sided PCB design, PCIe 3.0 x 4 channel, and NVMe 1.3c standard. Also, it has better performance and durability than many other products on the market. Especially in the aspect of heat dissipation, it has good temperature control. Even with high-intensity use, such as Photoshop and Premiere, it can still ensure the stability of SSD in continuous use. Therefore, the high performance can be maintained for a longer time.

What’s more, the WD SN550 also has a useful feature that supports host-side memory caching technology, known as HMB. Because WD SN550 has a DRAM-free design, it can use HMB technology to lend a cache area to the host’s memory for its own use. This area occupies only a small amount of memory and does not affect CPU performance. The memory provides sufficient space to coordinate data exchange between cpus and SSDS. When NVMe SSDS read or write data, the function is automatically enabled for speed improvement. If the system memory is unstable and SSD data security is compromised, the HMB function is automatically disabled to preserve data. This makes it extremely secure and reliable, arguably one of the best choices for PC storage devices.

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Why do we need SSD

For a better experience, of course. Nowadays, the cost of upgrading the desktop platform is not high, and the hard disk is the performance disadvantage of many PCS compared to the processor. And it’s probably the shortest board in the barrel principle. The bottleneck of HDD is not only the low continuous read/write peak of around 160MB/s, but also the frequent unresponsiveness caused by mechanical disk reads and the inefficiency of reading small files during multi-task transmission.

If you open multiple copy jobs at the same time, or download multiple P2P jobs at the same time, you can feel the transmission rate plummeting and the hard disk is unresponsive. A single large file can be transferred up to 150MB//s. If two large files are transferred at the same time, the transmission speed is usually only 100MB/s, which slows down by 1/3.

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How many points mentioned in the first part does WD SN550 occupy?

First-line original factory

Low temperature

Good cost

Excellent performance. To be honest, SN550 is weaker than SN750 in performance, so the performance is not very strong.

Retail channel, with 5 years and above warranty

All in all, Western Digital SN550 is still worth purchasing.

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