Best Wine Aerator Pourers to Enhance Your Wine Drinking Experience

If you enjoy wine and want to enhance your drinking experience, then it’s time to consider investing in an aerator pourer that can put a twist on the way you enjoy your wine every day. When you first hear the term wine aerator pourer, you might wonder what they actually do. Basically, they work by allowing oxygen to mix with wine as it pours into your glass. The result of this mixing gives you better tasting wine with each and every sip.

Tips on How to Choose the Right Wine Aerator

Choosing the right wine aerator is essential if you want to get the full taste of your wine. Here are some tips on how to pick the best pourer for your needs:

  1. The more air flow, the better.
  2. Be sure it’s easy to pour with a spout that won’t drip or splash.
  3. Consider how often you plan on using it; will it be just for special occasions?
  4. What’s your style? Choose from traditional, contemporary or other sleek designs.
  5. Does it come with a case or stand? You might not use these regularly, but you’ll appreciate them when you do.
How to use Wine Aerator Pourers?

A wine aerator pourer is a device that attaches to the neck of a wine bottle and pushes wine through an open valve. This forces air through the wine as it flows from the bottle, which creates bubbles in the liquid and breaks down tannins. The increased surface area also allows more oxygen into the wine. These benefits all lead to a smoother, better tasting, better smelling glass of wine.

There are many types of pourers available with different functions and styles. Most of them have various levels for wines of different alcohol levels. Others have built-in filters for eliminating sediment. Most importantly, they allow you to enjoy your favorite vintage without ruining its flavor by pouring too quickly or letting it oxidize before drinking.

You may even want to invest in one with a pour spout so you can maintain the flow of wine without having to remove the entire pourer from the bottle every time. You’ll be able to find everything from inexpensive models under $10 up to luxury versions over $100, depending on your budget and personal needs.

Here is a video about how to use an aerator.

Ways to Reduce the Sediment in Your Glass of Wine

When you pour a glass of wine, the sediment that has sunk to the bottom of the bottle can be left in your glass. You may not notice it at first, but if you don’t pour carefully or drink quickly enough, you might end up swallowing a mouthful of sediment. But don’t worry; there are some ways that you can reduce the sediment in your wine and enjoy every sip.

  • Slow down! If you’re drinking fast, chances are good that you’ll swallow more sediment than necessary.
  • Tilt the glass when pouring: Tilting the glass will keep more of the sediment towards the top so you have less chance of drinking it with your wine.

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