Fresh Food: The Key to Thai Cuisine

Thailand is known for many things. Their history, culture, and beauty are just a few. But arguably the most famous thing about Thailand is its cuisine. Thai food is known all over the world, and for good reason. It’s fresh, fancinating, and bursting with flavor. If you’re looking to bring Thai food into your life (and kitchen), I’d like to teach you the first dish.


If you ever heard of or tried Thai food, Tom Yum Kung soup must be the first and the most famous one. Tom Yum Kung is a kind of hot spicy soup shrimp usually with lemon grass,lemon,galangal and chilli. In Thai language, Tom Yum means sour and spicy while Kung means prawn. So the literal translation of Tom Yum Kung will be hot and sour prawn soup. Tom Yum Kung soup is extremely spicy and has a lot of curry in it. But once you get used to its spicy and sour, you will fall in love with it.

There is a funny story about Tom Yum Kung soup. In the 18th century, during the Thunburi Dynasty of Thailand, the King, who was Chinese, Zheng Xin was in power. Once the princess was sick and did not want to eat anything. So King Zheng Xin asked the imperial chef to make some appetizer soup for the princess. After having the soup, the princess felt better and her illness was relieved. King Zheng Xin named it Tom Yum Kung and named it “national soup”.

Let’s back at the farm. Lemon leaves, citronella, chilies and prawn in Tom Yum Kung soup are typical of Thailand. The soup is a combination of hot, sour, sweet, salty and intense spice. One of the main ingredients is Thai lemon, a seasoned fruit unique to Southeast Asia. Another condiment is fish sauce, which is a condiment like soy sauce. By the way, it is a common condiment in Guangdong, Fujian and other places. The source of the spicy in the soup is the Thai pod pepper, one of the hottest peppers in the world.

Here Comes the Guidance
How to make Tom Yum Kung sauce

What you need: 500g prawn heads, 300g vegetable oil, 15g dried ginger, 10g dried lemongrass, 40g garlic cloves, 140g chopped red onion, 70g dried millet chilli, 90g fried chilli seeds, 60g tamarind paste, 80g shrimp paste, 15g salt, some coconut milk, skins of2 green leams, a little coriander

Pour vegetable oil into a wok and heat to 60% to boil. Pour in the drained prawn heads and stir-fry until the oil in prawn heads is removed. Strain and set aside. Stir – fry the shallot and garlic cloves in the wok over low heat until the paste is a little burnt. Put all the ingredients except the prawn heads into the blender after the oil cools, and smash until it is smooth in the blender.

Pour sauce into the pot and stir it over a low heat until it absorbs all the cooking oil and then separates out the cooking oil again. Put it in clean and alcohol-sterilized glassware. Cover it and store in cold storage.

If you find the process too cumbersome, you can choose to buy ready-made Tom Yum Kung sauce online.

How to make Tom Yum Kung soup

What you need: Volvaria volvacea, prawn, citronella, lime leaves, lime, ginger, chilli, parsley, coconut milk, salt, fish sauce, vegetable oil. Please prepare as appropriate.

Put prawns to vegetable oil and fry until pink is shown on their covers. Cut volvaria volvaceas in half. Put about 700ml of water in a wok. And put lemongrass, ginger slices, lime leaves and parsley in the wok to boil. After boiling, put chilili and Tom Yum Kung sauce, or brick. Cook for about 20 minutes or so after fragrant leaks out, remove the ingredients.

After that, you should add volvaria volvaceas, prawns, fish sauce and coconut milk in the wok. And finally, squeezing half a lime into the soup is the end of making Tom Yum Kung soup.

Here’s a video to present the whole process.

Tom Yum Soup | One-Pot Vegan Thai Soup | Healthy & Creamy Soup |


Every cook has his or her own methods to make the Tom Yum Kung recipe, and you can make your own one. What is important in Thai cuisine is the fresh food. Let’s have a review. Prawns and volvaria volvaceas must be fresh, or the soup will be smelly. Ingredients and seasonings such as Tom Yum Kung sauce, lime and fish sauce must be fresh, or someone might have food poisoning. What’s more, one of the most important and prominent features is fresh. And here are some Thai Tom Yum Kung flavored soup base for you so that you won’t be bothered by its sauce.

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