Rye Whiskey: One of the Most Typical American Whiskey

Rye whiskey, created from at least 51% rye and other grains, has a long history in the United States, even longer than Bourbon Whiskey. If you get in touch with alcholes frequently, you maybe have never tried rye whiskey, but you must ever heard of it. It was, in deed, popular. George Washington owned the largest rye whiskey distillery in the United States at that time in Mount Vernon. In one year alone, in 1799, 11,000 gallons of spirits were made.

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Difference Between American and Canadian Rye Whiskey

In the United States, fitted by law, rye whiskey is made from at least 51 percent rye puree and has a very rich, full-bodied texture, with strict production process and content standard requirements. It must have at least two years of aging as well.

Instead, Canadian whiskey is often referred to as “rye whiskey” only for historical reasons. Most so-called Canadian rye whiskeies, whatever their actual composition, having the aroma is the only requirement.

History of Rye Whiskey

Rye first became popular at the end of the 18th century, as the British blockade of colonial ports dried up molasses supplies in the West Indies, and distilleries sought new sources of distilled spirits to meet demand. For settlers on the East Coast of the United States, barley, the standard crop, did not grow well in the colonies. Rye, being hardy and easy to grow, was the best choice. Therefore, rye became the main source of distilled spirits. Rich rye production and relatively dense population distribution make rye whiskey gradually popular in the northeastern states of the United States.

Prohibition, however, dealt a major blow to rye whiskey, which gradually declined. Although after the prohibition ended, Pennsylvania and Maryland set up their distilleries again. Sadly, politicians in Pennsylvania began to clamp down on distillation. Higher taxes and more stringent regulations than Kentucky make it uneconomical to continue distilling in Pennsylvania. On account of that, rye whiskey sales are falling. Bourbon made in Kentucky, on the other hand, is enjoying a rapid revival and growing in popularity.

You never know what will happen next. With the resurgence of cocktails, rye whiskey is back in vogue again. Rye whiskey is a great cocktail ingredient, especially since before Prohibition, when many classic cocktails were based on rye, including the Sazerac and Manhattan.

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How to Taste a Rye Whiskey

If you get a bottle of rye whiskey and have no idea of how to taste it, I’ll give you some tips.

First, also the most classical one, is stright on. Pour a little rye whiskey in the whiskey cup and just straight on. By this way you get the purest taste of whiskey. Take it slowly in your mouth and taste it with your tongue and throat. In order to recover the tongue and throat from the heat of whiskey, you should prepare cold mineral water in advance and drink them alternately. What’s more, the guy stright on whiskey looks so charming, which you must ever watch in many TV series.

The second and most practical way of tasting whiskey is on the rocks. That means you can put a block of ice. An ice cube that are snap-frozen for about a week below -22 degrees Celsius will be better, which has a slower melting speed.

Last but not least, as for rye whiskey, most of us would like to make cocktails with it. When it comes to cocktails with whiskey, you can’t miss high ball. Put some ices in a glass and pour whiskey as much as you like. The last step is fulfilling the glass with soda. Stir it and then you get a glass of whiskey high ball. Or if you have some bottles of bitter and vermouth, you can make a glass of Manhattan for yourself.

Here’s a definitive guidance for you as a freshman of rye whiskey.

The Definitive Beginner Guide To Rye Whiskey

If you're looking expand out from bourbon or scotch and want something with as much character as an Islay but from a whole ...


There won’t have any inherent format in drinking rye whiskey and making a cocktail with it. The only principle is to make yourself happy and enjoyable. And by the way, don’t poison yourself. Also you can buy some devices of making cocktails and do it yourself. So here are some products you might need, and may you get a memorable experience.

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