Why You Need a Special Pillow for Watching TV in Bed

Imagine you’re sitting comfortably on the bed in your living room, relaxing after a hard day at work, watching TV as you relax. And while there’s nothing wrong with this, it can have negative effects on your neck and spine. That’s because lying down causes your head to drop forward, which can cause stiffness and pain later in the day or even chronic issues over time. Now, you don’t need to strain your neck to look up at the screen, and you don’t need to keep twisting around to read subtitles or see what’s going on behind you. Sound like something you could benefit from. That’s why you need a special pillow for watching TV in bed.

The Hazards of Poor Posture

When you work hard all day, one of the things you want to do after you get home should be lying in a warm bed watching TV. This posture looks comfortable and cozy, but it is very bad for our cervical spine.

Impact on spinal health. Many patients who come to the clinic to see the cervical spine have one thing in common – leaning on the back of the bed to watch TV. If you sit up straight and lean on the back of the bed, it’s okay. But because half of the bed is soft and flexible, gradually the neck will nest into a “C” shape. This posture is exactly contrary to the physiological curvature of the cervical spine, so it is easy to have neck pain.

Prone to neck sprains. When people are lying down to watch TV, no matter what position they take, most of the neck muscles are in a relaxed state compared to the sitting position. But TV shows are often exciting, and we tend to get emotional when the plot changes. Once you twist your head or get up with too much force, it is easy to trigger mild misalignment of the neck joints and muscle sprains, thus triggering cervical spine disease.

Get the Perfect Viewing Angle

When we lean on the headboard to watch TV, the neck can have a support point, but the waist is easy to hang. In the long run, the lumbar spine cannot relax, it is easy to appear lumbar disc protrusion, lumbar muscle strain and other diseases. In order to be more conducive to people comfortable watching TV, we can choose the material comfortable pillow pad in the back of the waist. At the same time, pay attention to the viewing angle of the TV to ensure that the muscles of the neck and waist are kept relaxed.

In order to achieve the perfect viewing angle, the installation position of the TV is also very important:

1. Suitable height

TV installation height is generally the center point of the screen and viewing line of sight parallel to the best. If the hanging position is too high or too low, not only will lead to poor viewing, but a long time will also affect the cervical spine, affecting health.

When we watch TV in the bedroom, the posture is generally sitting or lying down. At this time, our line-of-sight height is generally between 80cm and 1m. Therefore, the height of the TV installation is most appropriate at 80cm to 1m on the centerline.

3. Adjustment according to circumstances

Of course, this standard is not absolute. The specific installation height also requires you to combine the height of the bed, the light of the bedroom and the specifications of the TV set when you are decorating a comprehensive consideration.

If you often watch TV in a bad sitting position, the following video will teach you how to check your spine:

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