7 Last-Minute Thanksgiving Gifts For Your Coworkers

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, you may have realized you’ve procrastinated on buying gifts for your coworkers. Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered with eight great options that are both funny and inexpensive! For an added bonus, most of these options will be able to ship just in time for Thanksgiving, so you don’t have to stress about it!

1) A jar of homemade cookies

Cookies are a quintessential and delicious gift for coworkers. Plus, they’re quick, easy and inexpensive to make! They take around 20 minutes from start to finish, but you can always cheat a little by using store-bought cookie dough.

2) A festive mug

Maybe your coworker is one of those people that always needs a hot drink to keep themselves going in the morning, or maybe they’re an avid tea drinker. Either way, this gift is sure to be a hit! The I’ve Got Your Covered mug features a matching lid and spoon, so it’s not only a festive mug, but also doubles as a teapot. Put it on their desk during their lunch break, and you have yourself the perfect last-minute holiday gift for coworkers.

3) A basket of Thanksgiving-themed candies

Don’t wait until the last minute to get your coworkers a little something for the holidays. Instead, whip up a basket of homemade (or store-bought) candies themed after Thanksgiving. You could include a mix of pumpkin spice, cranberry, and pecan flavors that all taste great during the festive season. Include instructions on how to make some of your favorite candies or pack in some pre-made versions. And don’t forget to include some recipes!

4) A festive pen or pencil set

We all know how much the holidays can drain our wallets, so why not give your coworkers a little something to show them some appreciation for their hard work? A festive pen or pencil set is inexpensive, yet thoughtful. You can even include a little card with your thanks for a job well done!

5) A festive notepad

Try a festive notepad with a turkey and fall leaves design. This is perfect for people who are always on the go and need to take notes, or just want to write out their thoughts during the holidays. It’s small and doesn’t take up too much room on their desk, but it’s still very useful!

6) A scented candle

Nothing says thank you to your coworkers more than a thoughtful, last minute gift. Give them something that’ll brighten up their workspace and show them how much you appreciate them. Whether it’s for the holidays or just because, scented candles are a great option! They come in so many different scents and sizes that there’s surely one for everyone on your list.

7) A festive keychain

A keychain is a great last minute gift because it can be personalized to your coworker’s favorite colors and interest. It also helps to keep their keys organized and easy to find. Plus, they’ll always have this great reminder of your appreciation for all that they do for you.

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