Choose and Decorate Your Thanksgiving Cookie Tins

It is a fun way to bring the family together and create memories. When you have a special holiday or occasion coming up, you can do so much more than just decorate your cookies with icing! You can also buy or make your own cookie tins to showcase them in style. With these tips and tricks, you will love how great your cookie tins look this Thanksgiving season.

When selecting a cookie tin, it’s important to choose one that is the right size. The perfect tin will hold your cookies and still leave room for everyone else!

  • Choose a tin that has a lid that fits well.
  • Select a pretty and sturdy design or color.

As you can see, there are many different types of tins available on the market today which makes it difficult to make an educated decision when choosing your next container to hold all those delicious cookies inside!

Decorating your tin
  • Use a stencil to create a design on the outside of the tin.
  • Write on the outside of your tin with paint pens or markers. You can use acrylic paints, watercolors, or even food coloring if you want to try something new!
  • Decorate with stickers. These are easy and can be used for kids too!
  • Glue on stickers that are related to your theme. For example, if you’re making a tin for someone who loves to cook, try adding some measuring cups or kitchen utensils.
  • Add glitter and confetti! This will give it a fun look and make it more exciting for whoever opens the tin.

Creating gift set tins

To make a gift set tin, you’ll want to use the same supplies that you used for the DIY cookie tins. However, this time around you won’t be cutting out all of the cookie holes—you’re going to make them by hand instead.

To create your own circle template for cutting out your lid and base: cut two equal-size squares of paper with a box cutter. Use one square as a pattern to trace onto the opposite side of another piece of paper; then cut along that traced line so that you have two identical shapes (one will be slightly larger than the other). Cut out each shape by scissors.

Now get creative! You can draw any picture on these circles using pencil crayons or regular crayons (the kind kids use), markers, or even paint—whatever makes your heart sing! Once they’re dry (if necessary), place both pieces together in order to create a seamless design when viewed from above. With hot glue gun handy, begin adding glue around edges until they are tightly secured together and there are no gaps between them. Allow them to cool completely before proceeding further with assembly instructions below.

There are several things to consider when choosing a tin. You want to make sure that it’s big enough to fit the cookies, but not too big or else they will not look as nice and won’t fit in your cookie jar. You also need to make sure that the tins are sturdy and will not break easily. The design on top of the lid is also important because it will serve as a decoration for your table this holiday season. Lastly, you have to make sure that these tins are easy to clean so you can reuse them next year!

In this article, we’ve explained how to choose the perfect cookie tin for your Thanksgiving celebrations. We hope that you’ve learned something new and can now find a tin that will be perfect for your needs!

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