Thankful for Friends: How to Make Thanksgiving Gift Cards

Friends are the most essential part of life. You can share your hopes, dreams, and problems with them. Because they’re always there to provide support when you need it most, or just a shoulder to cry on if the situation calls for it! If you’ve got someone on your gift list that’s hard to buy for, why not give them the Thanksgiving gift cards? That way, you can be sure that they’ll appreciate the thoughtful gesture and have an easier time enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday. Making Thanksgiving gift cards doesn’t require much more than card stock, markers or stickers, and just enough room to write out a thoughtful note that lets your loved one know how much you care about them. Here’s how to make Thanksgiving gift cards to give thanks to your friends this year.

The Process

1. Gather all the supplies you need, which includes the following: card stock, scissors, glue stick, hole punch and ribbon. 2. Fold a piece of card stock in half so that it is now standing up like a book 3. Use your scissors or a paper cutter to cut out two smaller rectangle shapes from one of the larger rectangles that was just cut out 4. Fill one of the smaller rectangles with money 5. Glue your smaller rectangle on top of the other larger rectangle 6. Punch two small holes at either end of the long edge (the top) 7. Thread some ribbon through both holes 8. Tie off each side with a bow (optional) 9. Your gift card is ready!

This is a super easy craft that the whole family can help make and it’s so fun. What you’ll need are some magazine pages, glue, scissors, construction paper, paint or markers. Cut up some pictures from magazines. Then, glue them onto the construction paper in a way that makes them look like leaves.

You can also use color pencils to add some more detail if you want them to be a little shinier. After they dry on the back side of the leaf cut out shapes like apple slices and write thank you on them with your marker or paint pen. Then tape all of the leaves together in a fan shape with sticky tape and fold it over so it looks like an envelope card.

Here is a video about how to DIY thanksgiving cards.

Tips and Tricks

1. Write the recipient’s name on a piece of paper with a sharpie pen.

2. Cut out around the letters and use it as your template. Trace the template onto cardstock or construction paper and cut it out with scissors.

3. Fold along the dashed line so that you have a card that is twice as long as it is tall, then fold in half lengthwise so that you have a card that is four times as long as it is tall (this will make sense when you try it).

4. Use decorative tape to attach ribbon, string or yarn to one end of the folded up card, and trim any excess off before taping down with decorative tape again – this will be used later to hang up your cards!

It is always hard to know what to get someone. You want them to be happy, but you may not know what they really want or need. It can be a bit easier at this time of year with the holidays approaching and they may show some hints of wanting something like a new sweater or scarf, but it can still be difficult.

You don’t have to worry about coming up with that perfect gift as you can easily make a homemade gift card for someone who is special in your life. They will love the personal touch that goes into making it and will appreciate that you put some thought into the card.

It only takes a few minutes and with this step-by-step guide, you’ll soon have an adorable handmade gift card ready for presentation!

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