Thanksgiving Gifts for Kids: Crafts Homemade DIY

The holiday season is upon us, and you have a lot to do. If you or someone you know is looking for more ideas on how to celebrate, check out our post about Thanksgiving gifts for kids. These crafts will inspire you to spend some time with your kids this Thanksgiving season.

Knit Turkey Hat

In order to knit your very own turkey hat, you’ll need:

  • knitting needles and yarn in the color of your choice
  • stuffing (such as old socks)
  • a needle to sew the stitches together at the end

If you’re new to knitting, here’s how it works: loop one needle through another and pull until there is no slack or twist in the yarn while holding both ends firmly in place with two fingers on each hand. You should now have an eyelet hole with three sides remaining open at different distances from each other.

The next step is casting on; this means making loops out of yarn by putting a loop around each needle tip for every stitch required for your pattern. If you’ll be working in rounds (or making something circular), then this will mean starting from where those three sides meet up again after casting off (also known as binding off).

Colorful Paper Leaves Wreath

Making a wreath is a great activity to do with children, and it’s also a wonderful gift. You can use this paper leaf tutorial to create colorful leaves for your Thanksgiving wreath.


  • colorful paper (we used green and orange)
  • glue gun and glue sticks (you’ll need several of each)
  • hole punch (optional)

Here is a video about some thanksgiving crafts for kids homemade DIY gifts.

Cheerful Turkey Treat Bags for the Thanksgiving Season

In this tutorial, we’ll be using a brown paper bag to make a cheerful turkey treat bag for Thanksgiving.

  • First, draw an outline of a turkey on the bag. Then fill in the details with colored pencils and add some colors to the feathers by mixing different shades of brown together.
  • Next, decorate your turkey with colorful paper leaves—you can use construction paper or recycled materials like newspaper or magazines! If you want, use glitter glue to make them sparkle! You can also write something on each leaf if there is space available at the bottom of your bag; this could be “Happy Thanksgiving” or something else entirely (like “Eat more cookies!”).
  • Now punch holes all along one side of your bag so that it will be easy for someone to carry when they get their treat inside it! For added fun (and safety), tie some string around both handles so that nothing falls out when carrying around these delicious snacks during dinner time!
Paper Turkeys
  • You’ll need paper, scissors, glue and markers
  • Cut the paper into a triangle shape. Fold the sides in to form wings and glue them down.
  • Cut out a head shape from another piece of paper and glue it on to the front of your turkey. Use markers to draw eyes and beak (be sure to save some red for this step so you can add rosy cheeks).

Your kids will love making these easy turkeys with their friends!

Crafts can be a great way to spend time with your kids! Not only do they help you teach them how to do things, but they can also give them a chance to learn about the world around them. You may need some supplies before you get started, so make sure you have everything on hand before starting a craft project.

You’ll want to make sure that any crafts are age appropriate for your child. If possible, try doing some research ahead of time in order to find out what types of materials would work best for each project. Don’t forget that children under 8 should only be given non-toxic paints and glues!

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