The Most Creative Halloween Toys to Spook your Neighbors

October 31st is right around the corner, and you know what that means! Time to find the perfect costume, carve pumpkins and buy the most creative Halloween toys your neighborhood has ever seen. If you’re the parent of young children, it also means that now’s the time to figure out which toys will keep them occupied long enough not to interfere with your Halloween preparations. It can be difficult finding fun and spooky toys, which is why we’ve rounded up some of the most creative Halloween toys for kids this year.

 Halloween Toys
The Scariest

The Walking Dead 8-Piece Zombie Action Figure Set is a zombie apocalypse in action figure form. Each set comes with eight figures: Rick, Michonne, and other characters from The Walking Dead’s fifth season. They’re highly articulated and come with accessories—everything from guns to skulls. These toys will be perfect for kids (of any age!) who want a glimpse of what it might feel like if their brains were eaten by zombies.


Tricky or scary, often in an amusing way. In the case of these toys, though, it’s probably more accurate to say they’re just weird. And that’s what makes them so much fun! Kids love creepy things and laughing at others. We don’t want you to buy a toy that doesn’t live up to its expectations—so here are some of our favorite creepy (but still entertaining) Halloween toys for kids and adults alike!


One of my favorite toys for kids is Monster Masher. Kids love taking things apart and putting them back together, and Monster Masher allows them to do just that with creatures from another world. Kids can take apart a monster toy, reassemble it and give it new life. It’s funny to see what they come up with! You can get Monster Masher at Target stores nationwide. Another fun toy for kids is Snap Circuits Jr. This educational kit comes with more than 30 parts that allow children to build working models such as an alarm, doorbell or even a burglar alarm. They also have an app so you can turn your phone into a remote control and make these circuits move. The best part? Kids are having fun while learning how electricity works!

Cute and Geeky

Every year, October comes with new treats, tricks and scares. Make sure you’re not left behind in terms of halloween pranks and tricks by checking out some of these awesomely creepy (and cute!) toys. Both kids and adults will love these clever trick-or-treaters! There’s something for everyone here! And don’t worry about spoiling any fun; most are either ready to use or require little setup so that anyone can start scaring their friends in no time at all. Let us know what your favorites are too! Just don’t be surprised if they keep coming back after they die…just kidding! Or are we?

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