6 Tips for Curling Iron for Short Hair You Need to Know

If you have short hair, you already know that you don’t have as many styling options as people with longer hair do. Luckily, that’s not necessarily a bad thing! While some of us might wish we had longer locks, there are also some major benefits to having short hair. For example, the fact that it’s much easier to maintain and usually less expensive to style on a daily basis. Now let’s begin talking about curling iron for short hair.

If you have short hair, you already know that you don’t have as many styling options as people with longer hair do, a curling iron is necessary

The Right Tool For The Job

There’s no way around it. When it comes to styling your hair, you can spend lots of time, use tons of products and even potentially damage your hair—but if you don’t have a curling iron that works for short hair, none of that will matter. We spoke with a few top stylists about how to choose a curling iron and exactly which models are best suited for short hairstyles.

Keep it Clean

To extend your curling iron’s lifespan, always make sure it’s completely clean and unclogged after every use. The only way to do so is by using a curling wand cleaner. These little sponges are highly absorbent, allowing you to easily remove oil and product buildup from your hot tool without damaging it in any way.

Check the Temperature

Temperatures can vary quite a bit depending on your hair type. So be sure you’re using a temperature that works with your hair. For curly hair, set it at least 20 degrees below your normal heat setting. If you have thin or fine hair, lower it even more—as low as 140 degrees should suffice. If you have thick and/or coarse hair, start at around 180 degrees and don’t go higher than 190.

Do it in sections

Because you only have a few inches of hair, it’s going to be tricky to curl your whole head in one go. But that doesn’t mean you should give up. If you’re working with short hair, consider doing it in sections instead of all at once. For even better results, use a clip on each section after curling it. In that way you can remove them as they cool and finish off with styling spray. (See also: The 12 Best Products for Short Hair)

Practice Makes Perfect

Heat up your curling iron, section off your hair, hold your curling iron with a steady but not too firm grip, and curl away. Practice makes perfect! Use a mirror if you want—looking at yourself as you style your hair can help you make sure that it’s coming out right. When you feel confident with a few curls on one side of your head, try doing those curls on both sides. Soon enough, you’ll be a pro!

You can also learn from the following video we have prepared for you.

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