Do You Really Need That Gallon Water Jug at The Gym?

If you frequent the gym, you’ve probably seen people carrying around giant plastic jugs of water with them while they work out. Does this seem excessive? Not at all! Instead, you should really bring your own sports water bottle too.

Drink before and after your exercise

Drinking water before and after exercise is great. This can help you maintain a healthy weight, keep your skin moisturized, regulate your body temperature, and reduce muscle cramps. However, to avoid over-hydrating yourself, drink according to the intensity of your workout. For example, if you are exercising at a low intensity for less than an hour or so (e.g., walking or bike riding), then drink two cups of water beforehand and two cups afterwards.

You should bring your own sports water bottle

The water at the gym is probably not that good for you. It could be sitting in a container for hours, or even days. It’s been sitting out, exposed to bacteria and germs all day long. So, if you bring your own sports water bottle with you, then it will stay cold and fresh as long as possible because it hasn’t been sitting out all day. Plus, if people see that you have your own reusable water bottle, they’ll ask about it and start doing it too!

How does using your own water bottle affect your workouts

Some people carry around a gallon water jug at the gym, but is it worth lugging that extra weight around when you can just refill your water bottle in the locker room or the fountain? You may be surprised to find out that carrying your own water bottle can actually help your workouts.

Studies have shown that drinking cold water during exercise boosts your metabolism, which means you’ll burn more calories over time. It also hydrates you better than warm water, because it doesn’t require as much energy for your body to heat up the liquid and cool it down again. What’s more, some experts believe that our perception of thirst diminishes as we sweat from working out. When this happens, we’re less likely to drink enough water throughout the day and might not realize how much fluid we’re losing.

Sports Drinks VS Water

Sports drinks are a supplement to a healthy diet with plenty of water. They contain carbohydrates, electrolytes, and other vitamins that help the body perform at its best. However, they don’t replace the need for water. Sports drinks are designed to replenish fluids and electrolytes lost through sweat during vigorous physical activity. If you’re drinking enough water before and after your workout, sports drinks are unnecessary. If you work out intensely or in extreme heat then sports drink can be helpful but otherwise stick to your bottled H2O. Carry a water jug with you so that you always have access to hydration. Plus, it’s nice not having a jug weighing you down while trying to navigate your way around the gym!

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