Full Coverage Foundation: Makeup That Covers It All

The key to a beautiful face lies in the foundation you choose to use. The wrong foundation can make you look older and more tired, but the right one can highlight your good features and hide your bad ones, creating an even skin tone that makes you look and feel great about yourself. Full coverage foundation can be tricky to find, so here’s what you should look for in order to achieve this kind of makeup that truly covers it all.

Full coverage foundation can be tricky to find, so here’s what you should look for in order to achieve this kind of makeup that truly covers it all.

Is full coverage makeup really necessary?

In short, no. Achieving full coverage doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to look like a clown with white foundation smeared across your face. But if you have severe scarring from acne or an autoimmune disease that has resulted in discoloration of your skin, then you may want to consider using full coverage makeup for daily wear. The key is to find a formula that matches your natural skin tone as closely as possible. If you can do that, then yes, it will cover everything—but it won’t look heavy on your face.

Here are some of the best full coverage drugstore and highend foundations.

How to apply it correctly

Applying foundation correctly can be tricky, but with a little know-how, you’ll quickly be ready to tackle any makeup challenge. If your face is naturally smooth, it might take only one layer of makeup to cover those flaws. Otherwise, you’ll need two layers of foundation—one to even out your skin tone and one on top for full coverage.

One trick is to apply your foundation in upward strokes toward your hairline and outward toward your jawline. This will ensure that your makeup goes exactly where you want it to go. And don’t forget about contouring! Contouring will help define features like cheekbones and noses by creating shadows that make them look more pronounced. To do so, use a darker shade of foundation than your natural skin tone along your cheekbones (or wherever else you wish to highlight) and blend well into your natural skin color using downward strokes from just below your cheekbone down along your neck.

What types of foundations are there?

There are several types of foundation available on store shelves. While some women prefer to stick with one specific type, many makeup aficionados like to mix and match their products. Here’s a breakdown of your options for foundation makeup.

Liquid foundations: Liquid foundations come in various forms—powders, liquids, mousses. But they all have one thing in common: They provide light coverage that can be built upon as desired. Liquid foundations tend to offer sheer coverage while powders provide more full-coverage effects. However, it is possible to find liquid foundations that offer heavy coverage as well.

Tinted moisturizers: A hybrid product between a moisturizer and foundation, tinted moisturizers typically offer sheer coverage but may also be buildable depending on your skin tone and needs. Tinted moisturizers are often used by those who want to wear just enough makeup to even out skin tone without looking made up. BB creams: Short for beauty balm, BB creams were originally developed by Korean beauty experts but have become popular worldwide due to their versatility and natural look.

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