Go Cordless This Winter With the Sunbeam Goheat Heating Pad

Struggling to stay warm in the cold winter months? Consider the Sunbeam Goheat heating pad, which works without having to plug it in. Just charge the pad and you’re ready to go! So get cozy this season with the Sunbeam Goheat heating pad. And make sure your pain doesn’t stay frozen in place. And remember, if you ever have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day. 7 days a week, 365 days a year (okay, maybe not 366 days of the year).

The Sunbeam Goheat is a cordless heating pad that can be used to relieve pain and tension.

The Sunlight GoHeat is a cordless heating pad that can be used to relieve pain and tension. It plugs in, but it’s also cord-free so you can move around while using it. It has a velvety cover that feels nice on your skin and three temperature settings for whatever your needs are. You can use it on most parts of your body and turn it on as needed to stay comfortable. The soft, even heat from this device will help make winter more bearable. Especially if you’re having trouble staying warm enough at night or cramping up from too much time spent outside during the day!

The Goheat is easy to use and can be applied to any area of the body.

The Sunbeam Goheat is a cordless heating pad that allows you to warm up any area of your body in no time. It’s perfect for those cold winter nights when you can’t seem to warm up. The pad has three settings: low, medium, and high heat. So whether you’re looking for a soothing warm-up or something more intense, this heating pad will have your back. It’s also easy to use, making it super convenient for those who are busy on their feet all day long (or just don’t want to get out of bed).

To activate the device, simply plug it in and flip the switch from off to either low, medium or high heat. In under one minute, you’ll be feeling warmer and better. If at any point you need a break, turn the switch off.

The Sunbeam Goheat is durable and lightweight enough so it can go with you wherever life takes you! Whether its work, school, errands or even travel, keep yourself comfortable with the Sunbeam GoHeat!

The Goheat is safe to use and will not cause burns or other injuries.

The Sunbeam Goheat heating pad is a safe and effective way to stay warm this winter. The pad is cordless and has a soft, quilted cover that will not cause burns or other injuries. It also has an adjustable thermostat that allows you to control how hot you want it to get so that you can avoid any potential discomfort. The heating pad plugs into any household outlet, which means you’ll never have to worry about running out of power and being left cold in your time of need. In addition to this, the heating pad comes with a one-year warranty so if anything happens during your first year of ownership, it’s covered!

The Sunbeam Goheat Heating Pad has been designed for use indoors and outdoors, Making it perfect for every occasion no matter where you are. Whether you’re enjoying some quality time by the fire or spending hours outside in the snow trying to keep things from freezing over, this product will make sure you’re comfortable through every season. It’s lightweight and easy to carry around with its removable handle; great for storing when not in use too. The heat level on the Goheat can be adjusted from 100 degrees Fahrenheit up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. So there should be a temperature perfect for everyone!

The Goheat is an effective way to treat pain and tension.

If you are looking for a way to treat pain and tension this winter. Then look no further than the Sunbeam Goheat heating pad. The cordless design means you can use it anywhere with ease and it’s great for treating muscle strains, arthritis, back pain, or menstrual cramps. It features a curved shape that fits your body for maximum coverage and is designed to stay in place without slipping off or bunching up like traditional heating pads. Plus, it heats up fast so you can feel relief within minutes of using it.

1. Curved shape conforms to your body for maximum coverage

2. Stays in place without slipping or bunching up

3. Warms up fast

4. Easy to use

Sunbeam Cordless Heating Pad, Portable and Rechargeable for Back, Shoulder, Arm, and Leg Pain Relief, 9.5 x 12", Slate Grey

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Sunbeam Heating Pad Wrap for Back Pain Relief with Auto Shut Off and Moist Heating Option, 23 x 15", Slate Grey

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