How to Master the Art of Cream Eyeshadow

Cream eyeshadow can seem intimidating at first, as if you have to do things just right or the whole thing will go up in smoke. In reality, it’s just like any other kind of eyeshadow, but with one special difference: it’s creamier! That means you can use cream eyeshadow to create different looks than you would with powder or gel eyeshadow, giving you an extra weapon in your makeup arsenal. Here’s how to master the art of cream eyeshadow and make all your colleagues green with envy (not jealousy, envy).

Cream eyeshadow can seem intimidating at first, as if you have to do things just right or the whole thing will go up in smoke

Choosing a Cream eyeshadow

What is your skin tone? People with fair skin should go for more subtle shades while people with darker skin tones can experiment with more vibrant colors. Light cream eyeshadows are good for making you look awake and bright in the morning. But when applied at night, they make you look more tired. Darker shades give an air of mystery that suits nighttime activities best.

The final thing to consider when buying a cream eyeshadow is whether or not you want it waterproof or not. Waterproof versions last all day long and stay put even when swimming!

Application Techniques

1. Always set your cream eyeshadow with a powder eyeshadow to keep it from creasing or smudging throughout the day.

2. Apply a coat of cream eyeshadow in three steps. First, outline your eye and then fill it in with color from lash line to crease. Second, blend outwards towards your cheekbone. Third, blend upwards for a more natural look. If you want to make your liner stand out, don’t stop blending at the inner corner of your eyelid but continue on up towards the middle of your brow bone.

3. If you’re looking for an even brighter effect, start at the outer corner and work inward so that you are gradually building up layers of color. For an even bolder statement, add a layer on top of the lower lid for an easy way to make any eye color pop! When applying on your bottom lid, try following the three-point rule (middle point as center, upper point as highlighter) to define your eyes. Next time you decide to spice up your makeup routine with some liquid makeup techniques, remember these application techniques!

Some Final Tips and Tricks

Cream eyeshadows are a great way to get a long-wearing color that won’t crease or fade throughout the day. To get maximum staying power, use a primer before applying cream eyeshadows and set with loose powder. For an added boost of hydration, use a few drops of an oil-based product like argan oil on your eye area before applying the cream eyeshadow for easy blending.

The most important thing about choosing your shade is to find one that best complements your skin tone and undertone. Look for colors with pink, yellow or olive undertones if you have cool undertones and warmer shades if you have warm undertones.

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