Liquid Lipstick: How to Find the Perfect One for Your Skin Tone

Liquid lipstick has become increasingly popular in recent years, with many brands adding this product to their offerings to cash in on the trend. But with so many liquid lipsticks on the market these days, it can be hard to figure out which one to buy. Instead of browsing until you find one that you like, follow this simple guide to find the perfect liquid lipstick in your skin tone and learn why it might be best suited to your needs.

Liquid lipstick has become increasingly popular in recent years, with many brands adding this product to their offerings to cash in on the trend

Choose the right formula

Before you even start thinking about shades, it’s important to consider formulas. Liquid lipsticks are classified as either matte or satin, with matte formulas typically offering longer-lasting color and less shine. If you have dry lips, a satin formula might be more comfortable and still long-wearing. Just make sure it’s not greasy or tacky. Some brands offer both finishes in one product. There is also a third option: velvet, which is somewhere between matte and satin but closer to matte. It usually has a very slight sheen but can last all day without drying out your lips too much. It also doesn’t emphasize fine lines as much as other formulas do.

Here is the video that shows some mistakes you’re probably making, you can take a look at it.

Find out if you are cool, warm, or neutral undertones

Look in a mirror and hold up a white piece of paper. The color of your skin will cast a shadow on that paper. If you’re cool, it will be blue; if you’re warm, it will be yellow. If you’re neutral, it will have no color cast. Once you know where you fall, use one of these charts below to choose which colors are best suited to accentuate your features and hide any flaws on your face and body. Just remember: These are general guidelines—everyone is different! What looks good on one person might not look good on another. It all comes down to what makes you feel beautiful.

Colors that work for each undertone

Depending on your undertone, certain colors will look different. Here’s what color family looks best based on if you’re cool- or warm-toned. Remember that it is not only your skin color but also hair and eye color that determine which tones work well with your complexion. As a general rule of thumb, pinker tones flatter cooler undertones while more orangey tones complement warmer undertones. If you are unsure about which category you fall into, try wearing an outfit with several shades of purple in it. Cool-toned people tend to look better in purples than warmer toned people do.

The proper application technique

Liquid lipsticks are some of my favorites, but they can be tricky if you’re not sure how to apply them properly. Here are a few tips that have worked wonders for me The best way to apply liquid lipstick is with a brush, rather than your finger or lips. If you use too much pressure when applying with your finger or lips, it can streak and look uneven once dry (and no one wants that). A small angled brush will give you more precision and help ensure that you don’t accidentally get any on your teeth!

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