Make Up For Kids: Tips And Tricks For Parents!

As soon as your little girl hit the double digits, you knew she was ready to start experimenting with make up! Now that she’s 13 and developing into her own unique woman, it’s about time you give her the freedom to experiment with new looks and styles. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should abandon all sense of parental responsibility and let her go wild with make up! Now we will talk about some tips for make up for kid.

Make up for kid is used for a variety of purposes, from keeping your skin looking healthy to helping create an artistic look for special occasions

Choosing the right colors

To choose products that are healthy, effective and safe for your child’s skin and eyes, start by looking for a good expiration date on each one. The label will tell you how long it’s been. If there isn’t an expiration date, don’t buy it. You also want to look at what colors you have used to create your child’s makeup kit.

Sharpie markers or makeup pencils?

Most kids don’t have a preference when it comes to using makeup. But with those sensitive little faces, many parents like to stick to marker-type items (they wash off more easily). If your child is old enough, however, it may be fun for him or her to learn how to apply real makeup. An adult should always supervise any young person who wants to play with cosmetics. It’s best to avoid products that contain lead and read labels carefully to ensure you are not putting your child at risk by using certain types of mascara and eye shadow. Be sure to use these products only if they were purchased before 1984. Also, make sure you do not lick your lips once they are applied.

How long it should take to do your child’s face?

Putting your child’s face together can seem like a complicated process, but it doesn’t have to be. You should allow about 15 minutes for makeup application for younger kids and 20 minutes for older kids. Don’t forget to consider how long it will take them to get ready too. Remember to time your routine from when they first get up in the morning, not just when you sit down at their vanity with your brushes. Also keep in mind that children are often more patient than adults; don’t rush through their entire routine if they aren’t in a rush themselves. It might help to set a timer so everyone knows the process.

You can have a look at the video we prepared for you.

What age can your child wear makeup?

Children under age 12 should not wear makeup. There are two reasons for this. The first is that their bodies are still growing, and their hormone levels are in flux. It’s difficult to know how these things will affect them, so it’s better to take precautions rather than chances. Secondly, children that young do not need makeup on a regular basis. If you have a special occasion coming up where your child will be required to wear makeup, consider using temporary tattoos or face paints instead of traditional cosmetics. These products are more forgiving if they get smudged or wiped off.


Makeup is used for a variety of purposes, from keeping your skin looking healthy to helping create an artistic look for special occasions. As parents, we must take extra care to apply makeup in a way that does not harm our children. Learning how to use makeup safely takes time and practice, but with a little guidance, you’ll soon be applying your child’s face with confidence.

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