Nude Lipstick: How to Find the Perfect Shade for You

Finding the right nude lipstick color can feel like the most impossible thing in the world. Nudes are tricky to match, and most nude lipsticks look completely different on your lips than they do in the tube. But once you find the perfect nude, it will become your new favorite shade of lipstick, and you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it! Here are some tips to help you find your perfect nude color, no matter what skin tone or style you prefer.

Finding the right nude lipstick color can feel like the most impossible thing in the world. Nudes are tricky to match

What’s your skin tone?

First, determine your skin tone by choosing between light, medium and dark. Light-skinned women have fair hair and blue eyes. Women with a medium skin tone can have any eye color or hair color but usually do not tan. Then they may even burn easily in sunlight. Dark-skinned women usually have brown eyes, black hair and tan or brown skin. The hue of their lipsticks will often look lighter than it does on light-skinned women as a result of their darker undertones. What’s your natural lip color? If you’re wearing lipstick that doesn’t match your natural lip color, then it’ll be obvious. Look at yourself in natural lighting without makeup on (or ask someone else to take a peek). Are there hints of pink? Or are they naturally full and red? If so, choose a nude lipstick that mimics those colors.

What’s your lip shape?

To determine your lip shape, look at yourself in a full-length mirror and smile. Then the lines around your lips will tell you all. See a triangle? You have an angular face and oval-shaped lips. A bow is good! It means that your lips are naturally fuller on top (the Cupid’s bow) than they are on bottom. If you see two triangles side by side, it means your upper lip is smaller than your lower one. If you see a heart, it means that both of your lips are pretty even. Wear Red?: While red lipstick has long been associated with sex appeal, there’s nothing wrong with wearing red if it flatters your skin tone and hair color—and if it makes you feel great about yourself.

What colors look good on you?

Everyone has a different skin tone and coloring, which means what looks good on one person may look completely wrong on someone else. To figure out what nude colors look good on you, try buying a few different lipsticks in your true nude color and make sure you buy one that is matte rather than glossy or sheer. Wear each color alone and make sure it complements your skin tone. If any of them stand out uncomfortably against your natural color, then they’re not right for you. Once you’ve found your perfect match, consider buying an extra tube so you always have some handy!


To put it simply, nude lipstick is a nude-colored lipstick. The color tone and undertone will vary from person to person, however, meaning that one nude color won’t work on everyone. You need to consider your coloring, eye color and even your skin tone when choosing a nude lipstick! If you have darker features or a darker complexion, then avoid deeper shades of rose and mauve as they can make your look appear washed out or sickly.

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