Repose Heating Eye Mask Review

Heat therapy has always been associated with pain relief, more specifically easing muscle and joint pain; however, this therapy can be used to ease other forms of discomfort as well. For example, applying heat to your eyes can help relieve eye strain and headaches that result from it. Repose Eye Heating Mask is made specifically to do just that! In addition to its primary function, though, Repose Heating Eye Mask can also be used to warm up the entire head before bedtime or even just as a regular pillow warmer during cold nights.

I am a chronic insomniac. I’ve been using Repose eye masks for the past year and they have really helped me sleep better. The mask fits around your eyes to keep out light and blocks out distractions. The mask also has heat pads that wrap around your eyes to soothe them while you are trying to fall asleep. I would highly recommend this product if you find it difficult to get a good night’s sleep! It is well worth the money spent on it. You can buy the set of two masks for $34, or individually for $20 each, which will pay off after just one purchase.

You can use it every day and not experience any adverse side effects like dry skin or breakouts. In order to best use these masks. I turn off my phone before bedtime, then put on my heating eye mask while lying down in my bed with no lights on. This allows me to focus more easily on falling asleep because there are no disruptions.


The Repose heating eye mask is a lightweight. Portable sleep mask that you can use to relax your eyes and ease eyestrain. It’s perfect for use when you’re trying to fall asleep or for when you need a quick power nap.

The device has two buttons: one button cycles through all four heat settings, while the other button controls the timer. Plus, it has an automatic shut-off function after 15 minutes of use.

The pillow-soft silicone fabric is lightweight and breathable—meaning that it won’t mess up your hair like cotton or wool will!

Here’s five selected steam eye mask products we recommend to you! Hope this can help you to choose!

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