The Sleep Aid Every Kid Needs: Natrol Kids Melatonin Gummies

Getting your kids to bed on time, making sure they get enough sleep, and maintaining an environment that promotes restful slumber can be challenging. Many parents resort to using over-the-counter or prescription sleep aids in order to facilitate this process, but these can be difficult for children to swallow and may have negative side effects. Natrol Melatonin Gummies are a safe, simple and effective way to get your child needs without the risk of side effects or drowsiness the next day.


Natrol kids melatonin gummies are a great way to help your children get a good night’s sleep. The pill form of melatonin can be hard for them to swallow. But the delicious and easy-to-swallow gummy form is perfect for them. Plus, with two doses per pack, it’s enough for six nights of sleeping!

Natrol kids melatonin gummies are made with natural ingredients so they’re safe and gentle on their little bodies. They taste like fruity pebbles or tangerines so kids will be excited about taking them before bedtime. They come in packs of two, so you’ll have enough for six nights’ worth of sleep!

How Melatonin Works

Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone in the body that helps regulate sleep and wake cycles. When taken before bed, melatonin can make it easier for people to fall asleep and stay asleep. It’s available in many forms including tablets, capsules, chewables, liquids, lozenges and gels.

Natrol Kids Melatonin Gummies are specially formulated to be easy for children to take with a delicious fruity taste. The gummies are made from natural ingredients with no artificial flavors or dyes making them safe for most kids over the age of four years old. The kit contains ten packs of 2.5mg gummies which are sufficient for five nights use at 20mg per night dosage.

In addition to helping kids sleep better, research has shown that melatonin also may help improve symptoms associated with ADHD and autism spectrum disorders like irritability, difficulty concentrating, hyperactivity and disruptive behavior during waking hours.

And not just during the day! Researchers found that daytime performance was also improved by taking nighttime doses of 10-20mg. There were no adverse side effects noted during these studies but as always consult your child’s physician first if you have any concerns.

We hope you’ll try out this product today!

What are the Benefits of Melatonin?

Melatonin is a natural hormone that the body produces to help regulate sleep cycles. It’s often used as a sleep aid because it helps the body wind down and prepare for bed. But don’t take melatonin without consulting your doctor first! The best way to use it is by taking a smaller dose (1-3 mg) about an hour before bedtime. Then gradually increasing the dosage over time until you find what works best for you. For kids with ADHD, narcolepsy or insomnia, doctors recommend using between 1-5mg of melatonin taken at bedtime. Doses greater than 5mg have been found to worsen sleep problems.

These gummy vitamins are a great option if your child isn’t ready for liquid drops or tablets. They’re also really cute!

Dosage Instructions

Natrol kids melatonin gummies are a sleep aid for children. The dosage instructions for these gummies is to give one 3mg gummy to a child five years or older every night before bedtime. They have to be eaten whole because if they are broken, the pieces can be choking hazards. Children under five years of age should not use this product as it has not been tested on that age group yet. If you want to see if the product will work, you can try giving your child half a gummy at first and see how they react.

It is important that children eat these right before bedtime so they will have time to digest them before falling asleep. Make sure to take care with any allergies and other health issues before administering this product. You should also avoid eating anything within an hour of taking the gummies as it may affect their effectiveness. When in doubt, consult a doctor before trying any supplements with your child.

If you’re looking for more options when it comes to getting your children to sleep. There are plenty more products that have good reviews like grapefruit seed extract which many people find helpful when they need some help sleeping during pregnancy or menstrual periods. There’s also melatonin pills ( which may be more suitable for adults who need help staying asleep at night since it is often used by people who suffer from insomnia due to stress or other factors like depression and disorder.

How to Get Your Child to Take Melatonin

Getting your child to take melatonin can be difficult if they are uncooperative. The easiest way to get them to take it is by putting it in food or drinks. But some children don’t like certain types of food or drink. Here are a few tips on how you might be able to get them to take their melatonin so that they have a good night’s sleep and feel refreshed in the morning.

-Try giving them their favorite treat with the melatonin hidden inside. You can also hide it in foods that are not too sweet, such as yogurt or applesauce. Or even an energy drink for older kids who don’t need any more sugar before bedtime.

Side Effects

Natrol Kids Melatonin Gummies are great for kids who have trouble falling asleep. The gummy form of the pill is easy to consume and can be taken up to two hours before bedtime. These gummies come in two flavors, grape and orange, so they can be enjoyed by most children. This product is also gluten-free which is great for children with food sensitivities or allergies. There are some possible side effects like drowsiness, nausea, headache, and dizziness but these are rare occurrences. If your child experiences any side effects stop use immediately and contact a physician. Children under three years old should not take this supplement because it could pose a health risk to them. Other than that, Natrol Kids Melatonin Gummies are a great way for your child to get their sleep back on track!


Since it is recommended that children between the ages of three and twelve should get about ten hours of sleep per night, finding a suitable sleep aid for them can be difficult. The best way to make sure your child is getting enough sleep is to regulate their bedtime and wake time so they have a consistent schedule. However, if that isn’t enough, there are other ways to help them fall asleep.

Kids love gummies, which makes Natrol’s melatonin gummy a perfect option for them. They come in three delicious flavors; grape, strawberry banana, and orange-mango. The tablets are also sugar free so you don’t have to worry about your kids getting cavities or messing up their teeth when they go to bed with these vitamins.

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