Why a Heating Pad is Good for Lower Back Pain

Using a heating pad on your back can feel great, especially if you suffer from lower back pain. The heating pad can make the pain go away, or at least make it less noticeable so you can get on with life and do what you need to do. However, before you rely on your trusty heating pad to relieve your discomfort every time you have back pain, there are some things you need to keep in mind about how it affects the health of your back and your spine in general.

is a heating pad good for lower back pain
They are easy to use

Heating pads are very easy to use. All you have to do is plug it in and turn the power on. You can place it on your lower back, or any other painful area of your body that needs heating. These pads can help relax muscles, reduce swelling, and increase blood flow to the area. The warmth from the pad will also help soothe pain. If you’re looking for relief from lower back pain, this might be an option worth considering.

The best way of using heating pads

The best way to use a heating pad is to lie on your back and place the heating pad on the area of pain. You can also use a heating pad in conjunction with other therapies such as stretching, massage, or hot baths. When using a heating pad it’s important not to apply too much pressure which will cause more discomfort. It’s also good to make sure that you don’t fall asleep while using a heating pad because this could lead to burns. A recent study found that moist heat provides relief up to 20% better than dry heat, so it might be worth trying out the difference if you are unsure about whether or not you want to invest in a quality moist heat product.

They are drug-free

A heating pad can help provide relief from lower back pain by creating warmth. This will relax the muscles and allow them to stretch out, which will reduce any tension or spasms that are contributing to the pain. The heat also helps to break down scar tissue, which can exacerbate discomfort. A heating pad is drug-free, so it’s safe and noninvasive. It may not be as effective as muscle relaxants or analgesics, but these options have side effects such as sleepiness and grogginess. If you want to try an alternative therapy before resorting to prescription drugs, a heating pad might be a good option.

They can be used as often as needed

A heating pad can be used as often times needed and may provide relief from both acute and chronic lower back pain. In fact, many doctors recommend using heat therapy to help reduce inflammation in the lower back. It also aids with muscle relaxation. Another option is physical therapy which may include exercises, massage and other treatments that promote healing of the injured area.

They are portable

A heating pad is portable, so you can use it anywhere. You can use it at home, in the office, at school or while driving. Plus, heating pads are helpful because they are always there when you need them and they don’t require electricity. Some people find that heating pads help reduce pain in their lower back by relaxing tense muscles.

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