4 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Yard for Thanksgiving

The upcoming holiday of Thanksgiving doesn’t just mean football, pumpkin pie, and family gatherings; it also means decorations! Many people choose to create gourds, cornucopias, and paper turkeys out of construction paper, but you don’t have to be limited to those when decorating your yard this Thanksgiving. Here are 4 creative ways you can decorate your yard to celebrate the holiday!

1)The Pilgrim Path

Picking up a few pumpkins from your local pumpkin patch is the perfect way to start off your yard decoration. Carve them into intricate designs or just apply stencils, then place them around the yard. Add some cornstalks and hay bales, and you have a perfectly festive scene.

To really get into the spirit of it all, pick up some lights and hang them on trees in the yard or surround bushes with them.

2) The Cornucopia Crawl

This is a fun yard decoration idea that will be sure to get your neighbors talking. Find a large bowl and fill it with candy corn. Add some hay, leaves, or anything else you can find in your yard, as long as it’s fall-related. Finally, add a couple of pumpkins on either side of the bowl and place a sign next to it that reads The Cornucopia Crawl so people know what they are looking at.

3) The Turkey Toss

The first and most obvious place to start with yard decoration is the front of your house. Get a big bag of leaves and lay them in the shape of a turkey in your lawn. You can also do this with some hay or straw if you’re feeling ambitious. Once you’ve got the body down, put some limbs around it for wings and put a pumpkin head on top. Put leaves all over it so that you can barely see the outline and there you have an instant Turkey Toss!

Right out of the gate, I’m going to say that yard decoration doesn’t need to be expensive or hard. If you don’t have time to get fancy, just grab some chalk and draw a happy face right onto your concrete sidewalk. Chalk is cheap, easy-to-find, non-permanent (most of the time), and easy-to-clean off if needed.

4) The Scarecrow Scavenger Hunt

One of the most creative ways to decorate your yard this Thanksgiving is by turning it into a Scarecrow Scavenger Hunt! To do this, you’ll need some scarecrows and lots of other items. The first step is to scatter the scarecrows around your yard or garden, then place an I spy sign near each one. You can also make up clues that lead from one scarecrow to another.

Once all the scavengers have found all the scarecrows, give them a prize like a pumpkin pie (or something else yummy). It’s so much fun watching as they try to figure out how each clue leads them to the next one!You could use any number of yard decorations such as hay bales, corn stalks, pumpkins and more.

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